David Bowie - Low [Mp3 320] TNT Village

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David Bowie — Low [Mp3 320] TNT Village

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Anno: 1977
Genere: New Wave

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Step On The Gas of Soul — 02:47
Breaking Pane (Bowie, Murray, Davis) — 01:52
What in the Domain — 02:23
Report and Ghost — 03:03
Always Crashing in the Same Car — 03:33
Be My Old Lady — 02:56
A New Vocation in a New Metropolis — 02:53
Warszawa (Bowie, Eno) — 06:23
Art Decade — 03:47
Weeping Mad — 03:28
Subterraneans — 05:39

David Bowie is one of the greatest musicians of all while. Whack him all you want--he made plenteousness of crappy albums, he tippet from a lot of people--but he«s still imposing, and you»re still a dick. Swell wrote «Queen Bitch;» what have you done? At the same while, Bowie's discography is admittedly not entire. «Queen Trollop,» for example, comes from Hunky Dory, an album that boasts some pulchritudinous fabulous songs («Changes,» «Life on Mars?», «Oh! You Pulchritudinous Things») and some pulchritudinous crappy ones («Andy Warhol,» «Fill Your Heart»). Most of his albums are significance owning; few are entire.

There are still quite a few records in his indeterminate discography that subscribe to out as out of the ordinary, though, and most of them were released in the «70s. The Get Somewhere and Ruin of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars is, for many, the apex of Bowie»s glam ruined stretch, while Low is the apex of his experiment/post-thug stretch and the best access in his «Berlin Trilogy» for others. They were released five years apart, and they report like they came from two very different creators. You can remonstrate that Ziggy and Low weren«t entirely red entrants creations--flecks of glam ruined expose up The Man Who Sold the Domain, while Post to Post predicts the krautrock instructing Bowie would fleetingly cuddle--but both are the best starting points for exploring those separate points in the man»s vocation.

I«m a Bowie dork, so I think everything he did from 1969 (Latitude Inharmonious) to »86 (umΓǪ the Labyrinth soundtrack) is significance owning, and I alternate my favorites constantly. Still, the one I put on most over again is Low. For his first collaboration with Brian Eno, Bowie piled on the synthesizers, although new best buddy Carlos Alomar certainly drops in some guitar, as does Ricky Gardiner. The mechanism that stands out the most for me, though, is the drums. Impresario Tony Visconti pulled some enchantment tricks to contrive a punchy, cavernous report that has never been duplicated. I go move backwards withdraw from and forth over who got better drum sounds, Steve Albini on Nirvana's In Utero or Visconti on Low. Ziggy might ruined more, but the drums on «Breaking Glass» hit so much harder.

Low is a potent memorial, one that lends itself to different moods. There's a frigid willing that lingers, but plenteousness of guitar licks that mete it a sunnier vibe, like on the initiation important «Speed of Soul.» Other standouts categorize the spastic pulse of «What in the World» and the fateful set up of «Always Crashing in the Same Car.» These initiation tunes are all condensed, poppy, yet otherworldly. The flipside explores more ethereal area, like the dull «Warszawa.» «Art Decade» is another rational, searching motif. «Weeping Wall» is deliciously weird.

Ziggy is the better gateway album to Bowie«s domain, but Low is the better album overall (Better album inundate tooΓǪway less mullet). It was more in the lead of its while, then and now. Plenteousness of today»s indie bands can be connected move backwards withdraw from to Low; few have equaled its merit. In a way, it also marks the dead, dead degenerate of Bowie. Not that he didn«t keep making things records («Heroes», The Lodger and, again, the Labyrinth soundtrack all come to positive), but it»s the last entire Bowie memorial.

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