Mac & Katie Kissoon - The Very Best of ... [1993]

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Dog Listings

01. Self-Determination
02. Whistle Along
03. Commotion for Everybody
04. Dearest Will Keep Us Together
05. Switch It All
06. Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep
07. Big Hello
08. Sugar Bon-Bons Kisses
09. Don't Do It Neonate
10. I'm Just Dreaming
11. Like a Butterfly
12. Two of Us
13. Do You Really Dearest Me
14. Otis, Janis, Jimmy and Me
15. Faithful Dearest Forgives
16. Get Down with It/Satisfaction
17. Pidgeon
18. Furnish Me
19. Dearest Me Neonate
20. Hey Diddle, Diddle
21. Vow
22. Swingin' on a Principal
23. Dearest Came Today
24. Erode It on Our Veneer
25. Lovely Exactly out There

Mac and Katie Kissoon
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Katie Kissoon performing with Roger Waters June 6, 2007 in Ottawa, CanadaMac and Katie Kissoon is a masculine / female vocal duo consisting of mate and sister Mac Kissoon and Katie Kissoon, born in Trinidad and raised in England, UK. They are best known for the 1970s hit singles they recorded as a duo.

«Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep» («Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep» had from the word go been a hit in Europe as performed by Medial of the Track)
«Sugar Bon-Bons Kisses»
«Don't Do It Baby»
«Like a Butterfly»
«The Two Of Us».
«Your Canoodle is Sweet»

After their relaxed listening, bubblegum pop music trade receded in the mid 1970s, both Kissoons were in requirement as support singers and period musicians. She was a associate of James Last«s singers in the current 1970s, her mate Mac continuing there to this day. Katie Kissoon»s trade has continued knowledgeable as backup minstrel for such notables as Van Morrison (1978 and later), Eric Clapton (1986 and later), Roger Waters (since 1984), Elton John (1985), George Harrison (1991), Pet Blow The Whistle On Buy Boys, (1994) and Robbie Williams (2002 and later).

In 1997 Mac and Katie Kissoon released an album of new earthly called From Now On.

In 2002, Katie Kissoon appeared onstage at the Concert for George. In 2006-2007, she was also let go of the reject up portion for Roger Waters' The Nightfall Darkness Side of the Moon End exactly ramble. The ramble continued for 9 dates in 2008, but Katie was powerless to operate and was replaced by Sylvia Mason-James.

Katie Kissoon recently performed backup vocals on three tracks on Van Morrison's 2008 album, Keep It Basic and she sang with his horde on several dates in 2008.

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