Warren Zevon - I'll Drop When I'm Outmoded (An Anthology)

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Warren Zevon — I«ll Snooze When I»m Numb | MP3 | 320 KBPS |1996 | 352 MB

One of the horrible singer/songwriters (like Tom Waits, Loudon Wainwright, Steve Earle, Delbert McClinton and Richard Thompson) that put most so-called «musical artists» in their due town, i.e. nowhere and blessed to be there.

If the till Warren Zevon hadn«t existed, it would have been necessary to contrive him. At a mores when his L.A. choirboy-songwriter peers were bleeding all over their puffy shirtsleeves with mawkish, irritable balladry, Zevon turned the 1970s troubadour solicit on its ear with a twisted lyrical sensibility that embraced risk, rascality, and customary devastation. The two-disc accumulation I»ll Snooze When I«m Numb is an nonpareil introduction to Zevon»s iconoclastic work.

The original years are well represented by the oddly bitter junkie«s wail «Carmelita», the fear-of-war ghost fish story «Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner», and of course, such antisocial staples as «Excitable Boy» and «Werewolves of London». I»ll Snooze When I«m Numb stands to affectation, however, that the »70s weren«t the end of Zevon»s fish story.

Zevon is backed by R.E.M. on the acid boxing naval scuttlebutt «Boom Explosion Mancini» and admirably covers Prince's «Raspberry Beret». He humorously sums up his mores as a rogue on «Mr. Bad Example». «Accidentally Like A Martyr» is an austerely alluring tale and «Splendid Isolation» is a hymn to misanthropy.

I«ll Snooze When I»m Numb serves Zevon«s legacy well. Songs like the incendiary «Play It All Tenebrousness Long» and one of Zevon»s finest meditations on mores in L.A., «Desperados Under the Eaves» guard that he won't be forgotten.

Personnel categorize: Warren Zevon (vocals, guitar, piano); Waddy Wachtel, Danny Kortchmar (guitar); Jim Horn (saxophone); Jai Winding (piano); John McVie (bass); Mick Fleetwood, Russ Kunkel, Jeff Porcaro (drums); Jackson Browne, Lindsey Buckingham, Stevie Nicks, Carl Wilson, Jorge Calderon, J.D. Souther, Karla Bonoff, Graham Nash, Don Henley (unnoticed vocals).

Producers: Jackson Browne, Waddy Wachtel, Warren Zevon, Greg Ladanyi.Track List


01. Downright and Jesse James
02. Dash Down The Wind
03. Sparse Poor Pitiful Me
04. I’ll Snooze When I’m Dead
05. Carmelita
06. Desperados Under The Eaves
07. Johnny Strikes Up The Band
08. Roland The Headless Thompson Gunner
09. Nervous Boy
10. Werewolves Of London
11. Accidentally Like A Martyr
12. Lawyers, Guns And Money
13. Frozen Notes
14. Bad Fortuity Line In Dancing School
15. Gorilla, You’re A Desperado
16. Malfunction It All Tenebrousness Long
17. Mohammed’s Air (Unexploded Conception)
18. Jeannie Needs A Shooter (Unexploded Conception)
19. The Envoy
20. The Hula Hula Boys
21. Let Nothing Come Between You
22. Looking For The Next Best Thing


01. Sloppy Hygiene
02. Explosion Boom Mancini
03. Detox Mansion
04. Bad Karma
05. Reconsider Me (Separate Conception)
06. Run Flat Down
07. The Covet Arm Of The Law
08. Famous Isolation
09. You Don’t Know What Inamorata Is – with Influence Isham
10. Raspberry Beret – Hindu Inamorata Gods
11. Suzy Lightning
12. Things To Do In Denver When You’re Dead
13. Searching For A Heart
14. Mr. Bad Example
15. Tumble With The Punches
16. The French Inhaler (Unexploded Conception)
17. The Nonchalance of Contentment (Unexploded Conception)
18. If You Won’t Disappear Me I’ll Hit Upon Somebody Who WIll
19. Heartfelt or Not
20. Seminole Bingo
21. Interfere With Desert Donkey Rinse
22. Mutineer

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