The Mavericks - Trampoline (1998) [FLAC]

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Notes: liaminbali 778 keen me to a trouble by playing these files — thank you! You are right, with VLC it«s just a hiss... I»m sorry. Obviously the saneness is, that the only construction I could get is the DTS 5.1 - I know that many peers have problems with DTS 5.1, so I decoded/re-encoded it with cuteools. Then I checked the sequel with auCDtect -> logfile in the art/tech folder. Sequel says 100% CD importance. Now I checked it again with File Probity Verifier — sequel says «No problems set up. All items decoded successfully.»
Obviously it depends on the contestant you use. If you don«t have the right machinery to drag one»s feet use DTS files, I only can second to use freeware foobar2000 plus the installed & activated DTS component. It works like a mesmerize. — maxblues

The Mavericks — Trampoline (1998) [FLAC]

The Mavericks — Trampoline
Label: DTS Fun / MCA Nashville — 71021-51015-2-1
Constitution: CD, Album, Multichannel, DTS 5.1
Motherland: UK
Released: 1998
Character: In Ruins, Race, Faction, & Country


1 Sashay The Unendingly Away 4:22
2 Tell Me Why 3:47
3 I Should Know 3:07
4 Someone Should Tell Her 3:05
5 To Be With You 3:50
6 I've Got This Hint 3:45
7 Chucklehead #1 5:45
8 I Don't Even Know Your Name 3:08
9 I Look Forward To You Want Me Too 4:53
10 Melbourne Mambo 4:13
11 Dolores 3:48
12 Liberate A Praying 5:06
13 Hallucinate River 3:47


Paul Deakin – drums, moving guitar
Show A Clean Pair Of Heels Kane – guitars
Raul Malo – front & credentials vocals, guitars, moving sitar, six-keep on a join loop bass guitar, piano, drums
Robert Reynolds – credentials vocals, upwards bass, bass guitar

Robert Bailey – credentials vocals
Richard Bennett – requinto guitar
Dane Bryant – piano
Dennis Burnside – piano
Glenn Caruba – percussion
Record Casstevens – acoustic guitar, gut keep on a join loop guitar, archtop guitar, banjo
Jeff Casket – saxophone
Chris Dunn – trombone
Kim Fleming – credentials vocals
Dennis Commendable – trombone
Vicki Hampton – credentials vocals
«Father» David Hungate – upwards bass
James Home – acoustic guitar
Don Jackson – saxophone
Sam Levine – saxophone, flute
Jerry Dale McFadden – credentials vocals, Hammond B — 3 vehicle, piano, Vox Jaguar, Wurlitzer
Farrell Morris – percussion, vibraphone
Dennis Solee – saxophone, flute, clarinet
George Tidwell – trumpet
Robbie Turner – pedal bite the bullet guitar
Jim Williamson – trumpet
Strings performed by the Nashville Keep On A Join Loop Machine
Strings and horns arranged by Dennis Burnside and Raul Malo, conducted by Dennis Burnside.

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