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Revolutionaries — Drum Sense That: More Gems From Ditch One Dub Extent — — 1974 To 1980

The subtitle for this compilation, More Gems from the Ditch One Dub Extent — — 1974 to 1980, really tells the exclusive here. This is encircle complete four of the Strain Sounds rarities romp through the vaults of the Ditch One studio and the second true to the Revolutionaries, the floating studio put together so major to dub phenomenon and really establishing Jamaican music on the «70s supranational commotion. Confirmed Ditch One/Revolutionaries dub heads will not be saddened, and newcomers to the noteworthy dub mentality will get struggling against odds a first-price democratic introduction to the trade name on Drum Sense That. The chief contrariety dispute between this quantity of Revolutionaries tracks and the earlier Ditch One: Maxfield Avenue Review is that the latter used more fully developed vocal parts than the first snippets that tower over here. Overfamiliar voices and riddims do pop up -- «Rootes Dub» works off Lesser Byles» «Fade Away» and Sturdy Diamonds tracks kind the bottom for «Hotter Spirit Version» and «Back Weh Translation,» while «Ride on Marcus Version» could have been cloned from one. That aside, there are altogether more prime examples of the Ditch One method of channeling one climatic conditions b rudiments at a interval, be it the stupendous mirror image big capture rule the roost («War Version»), unfrequented snapshot of clattering percussion («Kunta Kinte Translation One»), or reverbed lilt guitar («Girl a Lover You Version»). Assortment is provided by nods to dub's B-side utilitarian roots («Thinking Translation,» «Swell Headed,» the mainly bass and drums «Tivoli Skank») and pieces driven by horn segment riffing («Dunkirk,» «Catonine Translation,» «Plantation Heights Version»). «Jah Origin Version» is very skeletal, making the special vomiting up of celebratory horns that much more effective; «Ride on Marcus Version» rides a fuller, nonstop bassline with percussion playing around it and the special musicality gismo down-in; and «Girl a Lover You Version» more actively engages in undermining tune form with the dubwise arsenal of studio techniques.

«Kunta Kinte Translation One» ostensibly is a real curiosity, a sense that structure significant dub platter that was never officially released before on any vinyl organization (and hence CD) until now. It is one of the more tangled pieces here, toughened by a forsaken Morricone-flavored flute (or synthesizer flute, the liner notes say), and one example of the dub evolution to a genuinely inventive kind in its own right. And «A Who Say Translation Two» is just incredibly catchy, with a skittering keyboard shilling-mark alternating with Althea & Donna«s vocal plainchant of «A who say» (big sense that structure audience participation grabber, that one, ostensibly) and Herman Marquis» on one«s own alto saxophone adding another distinctly unexpected flavor to the mix. The liner notes (no more firelight purple passage on wicked offing, please) are thorough on the tune circulate telling details and very instructive in detailing the Hookim clan»s core on getting the highest tech kit (mikes, mixing put up, etc.) of the day for their studio. Anecdotes like Sly Dunbar relating how he would fritter away a brimming day with rig Ernest Hookim getting the right drum sense that make whoopee a lot about Ditch One's inn

Liner Note Maker: Harry Hawke.

Recording report: 1974-1980.

Authors: Roy Cousins; Jo Jo Hookim; Sly Dunbar.

Photographers: Beth Lesser; Paul Coote.

Revolutionaries: Tony Chin, Radcliffe «Dougie» Bryan (guitar); Vincent «Don D Junior» Gordon (trombone); Ansel «Pinkie» Collins (keyboards); Robbie Shakespeare, Bertram «Ranchie» McLean (bass guitar); Lowell «Sly» Dunbar (drums); Earl «Chinna» Smith , Herman Marquis, Ossie Hibbert, Tommy McCook, Bernard Touter Harvey, Noel «Scully» Simms, Uziah «Sticky» Thompson, Carlton «Santa» Davis.

Personnel: Earl «Chinna» Smith , Radcliffe Bryan (guitar); Herman Marquis (alto saxophone); Tommy McCook (connotation saxophone); Ossie Hibbert, Ansel Collins, Bernard Touter Harvey (keyboards); Santa Davis, Sly Dunbar, Carlton «Santa» Davis (drums); Noel «Scully» Simms, Uziah «Sticky» Thompson (percussion).The Wire (p.57) — «[A]n terrific choosing of dubs, mostly built around the newly developed «double drumming» aptitude of Sly Dunbar.»
Down Wear (p.74) — 4 stars out of 5 -- «Dunbar and bassist Robbie Shakespeare, along with other Revolutionaries, are in their effulgence on the much-famed dub platter «Kunta Kinte» and 15 more dubs of alien power.»

Catch Song
1 Kunta Kinte Translation One
2 Hotter Spirit Version
3 Who Say Translation Two, A
4 Rootes Dub
5 Pride & Appetite Version
6 Dunkirk
7 War Version
8 Evaluation Version
9 Jah Origin Version
10 Propel on Marcus Version
11 Swell Headed
12 Catonine Version
13 Broad a Lover You Version
14 Tivoli Skank
15 Plantation Heights Version
16 Struggling Against Odds Weh Version

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