(Bhajan) Sacidevi dasi-Swagatam Krishna.2004.256kbps@M.J108-{Samurai RG}

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(Bhajan) Sacidevi dasi-Swagatam Krishna.2004.256kbps@M.J108-{Samurai RG}

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Internationally acclaimed choir girl Shashika Mooruth (Now Sacidevi Dasi)made her fabulous at the maudlin age of seven,
on the auspicious create of Krishna Janmashtami at the Shri Luxmi Narayan Synagogue, Durban, South Africa.

As a lassie artiste, she performed in many concerts in South Africa, impressing all who heard her with her mellifluous speech. She was also the first and only S. African to be linked with on lap, the delayed all-once in a while marvellous thespians of music, Kishore Kumar, and Mahendra Kapoor. Kishore Kumar, in his commendation of her soaring endowment, labeled her as a troubadour ‘born in the naughty country’ and urged her forebear to send her to Bombay for training as a playback troubadour. He had the idea that with training and auspices, she would be a marvellous contribution to the music energy.

Shashika pursued suggest-once in a while classes in Talk and Dramatics from London and South Africa through her exceptional and maximum-discipline years. After her graduation from maximum discipline, the desideratum to go to India and be bent upon her passion for music increased. With the blessings of her parents and well-wishers in SA, she communistic for that blessed dirt and enrolled in the Hindustani Serious arts program at the Bharati Vidya Bhavan, in Mumbai, India, with the aim of returning to South Africa to demonstrate music. However, as her schooling and her technique grew, she landed a engage with Venus Records in India and continued to be bent upon a calling in the music energy. Her horizons broadened with succeeding concerts with Pdt. Hrdayanath Mangeshkar and Mahesh Kumar in independent performances. More baring of her burgeoning endowment was patent as she sang with Indian artistes Shabbir Kumar, Sudesh Bhosle, Abhijeet, Sonu Nigaam, Sukhwinder Singh and Udit Narayan.

While studying in Mumbai she also completed a considerably in Study through University of S. Africa. Shashika was honored in 1995 at the Life Hindu Meeting in South Africa for her contribution to Indian music.

To A Large traveled to more than twenty-five countries, her speech with its lone tone colour is her passport to much acclaim. She has had the honor of performing for a single out audience at the Amalgamated Nations and receiving uncontrollable acclaim. The delayed life acclaimed Pakistani troubadour Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Saheb heard her chirp in Mumbai and was all exaltation for her endowment and speech which he described as ‘steeped in devotion’.

Her beloved for music propels her to trial with different styles; this infect in scholarship and honing her skills has given her a versatility non-pareil. Commercially, she has lent her speech to devotional, pop, movies, semi-serious and techno compositions. In 2009 she unambiguous to commit more once in a while to commercial music in Mumbai and penned and recorded a reprimand in Western speech for a legend prevarication by Adnan Sami for the sheet Ek Second Jo Zindagi Badal De with music by Saawan Kumar Saawan. Impressed by her, Saawan then recorded her speech for a TV serial Ek Kahani Aisi Bhi to be screened soon on Doordarshan. She has also sung playback for Gujarathi movies.

Masterly with a speech steeped in earnestness, she originate a higher advantage when her psychological exploration led her to her guru, HH Sacinandana Swami in 1997 and received installation from him into the Vaisnava custom. He also gave her the excellent name Sacidevi Dasi, instructing her to “always chirp for Krishna” and spread the blessed name of God. In 2003 she established URJA MUSIC, a music assembly that markets her devotional albums.

Among her many best-selling music albums is Swagatam Krishna, Generous Mantra, Gopala, Dil Mein Tum, Jiyo Shyam Lala and Durban Mein Machgaya Halla.


01. Sacidevi Dasi – Krishnam Vande Nandakumaram

02. Sacidevi Dasi – Swagatam Krishna

03. Sacidevi Dasi – Krishna Govinda Govinda

04. Sacidevi Dasi – Vraja-Raja-Sutastakam

05. Sacidevi Dasi – Govinda Madhava

06. Sacidevi Dasi – Mahamantra

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