Hazmat Modine - 2011 - Cicada [320K/VBR]

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Hazmat Modine — 2011 - Cicada [320K/VBR]


Artist: Hazmat Modine
Album: Cicada
Variety: Blues, Crossover, Alt Rock
Brand: BarbFs Records
Jargon: English
Rescue Woman: May 17, 2011
of Tracks: 13
Amount To Extent: 00:51:19
Amount To Bigness: 85.69 MB
Appearance: MPEG 1 Layer III (mp3), Intersection Stereo
Property: 320 KBPS, 44 KHz, VBR
Webstore: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/cicada/id431050339


Hazmat Modine«s first album, 2006»s Bahamut, earned a placing in the Billboard blues plot. Five years later, the band«s second, Cicada, might be more correctly slotted in the magazine»s established jazz plot. Truthfully, however, Hazmat Modine furnish an eclectic amalgamation of roots styles that is nearly beyond rank. Bandleader Haw Schuman sings in an vivid adenoidal meaning and fronts a bundle dominated by both overfamiliar and less over again employed horns (Joe Daley plays sousaphone and tuba) in what might be called a «Ry Cooder meets the Grungy Dozen Impudence Band» technique. But that«s only the quintessence of the hale and hearty, which also includes other unprecedented instruments and establish sounds. The valuable «In Two Years,» for example, combines a haunting trumpet refrain, odd percussion, and the sounds of fireworks. Schuman can expose to established blues, as he does on «Buddy,» which has a «St. James Infirmary» know to it, and to old-fashioned old-educate R&B, on «I»ve Been Desolate for So Desire.« But even on such tracks, he changes things up, letting the horns mesh in and out as he sings in a pseudo, degree patois-in-cheek opulence, like Tom Waits in a higher key. The liable to be with such self-consciously adulterated-up revivalist music is of course that it can come off as something of a pun, but Schuman and body are too adept as players for that; they are having a lot of fun, not just being off-the-wall. No wonder they have attracted bulging guests like Natalie Huckster, who blends into the bundle vocals on »Child of a Thoughtless Man,« and the Kronos Quartet, who tip off a exaggerate of the closing keep a record of, »Dead Crow,» a cross of woods hoedown and modern judiciary music.

Keep A Record Of Listing:

01. Mocking Bird (03:44), 6.15 MB
02. Stripling of a Thoughtless Man (04:13), 7.01 MB
03. Two Forty Seven (04:47), 7.91 MB
04. Cicada (04:53), 8.60 MB
05. Buddy (06:08), 10.18 MB
06. In Two Years (02:01), 3.23 MB
07. I've Been Desolate For So Desire (04:19), 7.20 MB
08. The Tide (05:51), 9.93 MB
09. Ebb Tide (00:47), 1.30 MB
10. Walking Bloke The Woods (03:01), 5.06 MB
11. So Tickled Pink (05:44), 9.58 MB
12. Cotonou Stomp (02:05), 3.39 MB
13. No More Crow (with Kronos Quartet) (03:46), 6.16 MB

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