Monty Python - Monty Python’s Amount To Residue [9CD Box] (2014) MP3@320kbps Beolab1700

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Monty Python — Monty Python’s Add Up To Leftovers [9CD Box] (2014) MP3@320kbps Beolab1700

Monty Python — Monty Python’s Amount To Residue [9CD Box] (2014) MP3@320kbps Beolab1700

Monty Python — Add Up To Rubbish

Artist...............: Monty Python
Album................: Add Up To Rubbish
Genre................: Comedy
Source...............: CD
Year.................: 2014
Ripper...............: EAC (Tight craze) / FLIMSY 3.92 & Asus CD-S520
Codec................: FLIMSY 3.99
Kind..............: MPEG 1 Layer III
Quality..............: Loopy, (avg. bitrate: 320kbps)
Channels.............: Collaborative Stereo / 44100 hz
Tags.................: ID3 v1.1, ID3 v2.3

Posted by............: Beolab1700 on 28/04/2015


CD1: Monty Python’s Flying Circus

Flying Sheep
A Man with Three Buttocks
Crunchy Frog (Mercantilism About this rush: Act)
Jab Nudge Wink Wink
The Mouse Problem
Buying a Bed
Riveting People
Barber Department Store Sketch (The Barber)
Lumberjack Song
Arthur Two Sheds
Children's Stories
Mr Hilter
The North Minehead By-Election
Me, Doctor
Inert Ape Sketch
Self Defence

CD2: Another Monty Python Record

Introduction (Hint At 1)
Introduction (Apology)
Spanish Inquisition (Hint At 1) (Extended)
Gumby Theatre
Spanish Inquisition (Hint At 2)
Ethel The Frog
Mary Cynosure Of Scots (Extended)
Spanish Inquisition (Ending) (Extended)
Effect Quiz
Be A Adroit Actor
Neville Shunt
Holiday Assembly Emille
Spam Sketch
Spam Long Explanation (Censor)
Camping-Ground Judges
Cage Your Claim
Camping-Ground Judges (Hint At 2)
Funeral Director 1:40
Knees Up Mummy Brown Sketch
Treadmill Lager
Bishop At Old Folks' (Mr. Stoddard)
Court Space Sketch
Funeral Director (Inert Bishops On The Dock)

CD3: Monty Python’s Too Soon Record

Are You Discomposed Easily?
A Engage At Bedtime
England 1747 Denis Moore
Scratch Program
Scratch Song
Denis Moore (Hint At 2)
Denis Moore Long Explanation (Robin Hood Idea)
Australian Eatables Wine
Denis Moore Long Explanation (Robin Hood Idea) (Hint At 2)
Tiff (Censor)
How To Do It
Denis Moore Long Explanation (Robin Hood Idea) (Hint At 3)
Particular Freedom
Denis Moore Long Explanation (Robin Hood Idea) (Hint At 4)
Eric The Half A Bee Sketch
Eric The Half A Bee
What Do You Do Quiz
Journeys Agent
Manipulate From The Swedish Prime Minister
Jerk Noises
An Elk Sketch
Yangtse Kiang Sketch
Yangtse Kiang Song
Manipulate From The Swedish Prime Pastor (Hint At 2)
A Half A Mo Past
1972 Downturn Of The Sun
Alistair Cook Attacked By A Duck
Wonderful Exultant Of Sound
Certified Stiff
Manipulate From The Swedish Prime Pastor (Hint At 3
Contented Valley
Blood, Devastation, War & Horror
The Adroit debate
Mortuary Visit
Flying Fox Of The Yard
Is There
Acquaint With Yourself Heath
The Engage Ad
Big Red Bowl
Pepperpots (Hint At 2)

CD4: Monty Python’s Like Tie and Handkerchief

Voting Forum
Inert Bishops/ Rats
Novel Writing
Parley Association
Bruce's Sketch
Bruce's Song
Ralph Mellish
Doctor Quote
Cheese Emporium
Wasp/ Tiger Club
Adroit Actors
Credentials To History
Information Shop
First Exultant War
Mrs Niggerbaiter
Oscar Wilde
Pet Shop
Phone In
TelePrompter Football Results
Portable Radio Tuning Portable Radio 4 - Master Of The Revels Graham Chapman/ Portable Radio On Occasion Master Of The Revels Terry Jones
Portable Radio Shop

CD5: Monty Python Combustible at the Sphere Viscountess, Drury Lane

Llamas (Including «Granada»)
Gumby Cream Arranging
Terry Jones Link
Cryptic Service
Communist Examine (Including «World In Action»)
Idiot Song
Jab Nudge
Jerk Noises
Cocktail Bar
Journeys Agent
Place The Sagacity Cell
Bruce's Song
Tiff Song
Four Yorkshiremen
Voting Best (M)
Lumberjack Song
Idea Long Explanation «Liberty Bell»
Ape Sketch
Idea Long Explanation «Liberty Bell» (Hint At 2)
UK Peregrination Vet Promo

CD6: Monty Python’s Godlike Grail

Introduction (Monty Python And The Godlike Grail)
Introduction (Hint At 2) (Monty Python And The Godlike Grail)
Immigrant At Castle
Constitutional Peasants
Bitch Burning
Camelot Song
Arthur And God
Noteworthy (Silbury Hill)
French Castle
Report (Monty Python And The Godlike Grail)
Apology (Monty Python And The Godlike Grail)
So Far
Handsome Sir Robin
The Knights Who Say «Ni»
Noteworthy (Silbury Hill) (Hint At 2)
Marilyn Monroe
Sir Lancelot & Swamp
Tim The Enchanter
Stagecraft Critic
Convenient Grenade Of Antioch
Report (Monty Python And The Godlike Grail) (Hint At 2)
End Of Quest
Arthur's Song
Documentary — Terry Jones And Michael Palin
Run Away Song

CD7: Monty Python’s Subsistence Of Brian

Brian Song
The Knowledgeable Men At The Manger
Brian Long Explanation (Hint At 2)
Discourse On The Mount (Big Nose)
Stone Salesman
You Mean You Were Raped? (Nortius Maximus)
Bond To Revolutionaries In The Amphitheatre (Loretta)
Revolutionaries In The Amphitheatre (Loretta)
Romans Go Home
What Have The Romans Ever Done For Us?
Brian Before Pilate (Lose Him To The Down)
Beard Salesman
Brian's Prophecy
The Hermit
He's Not The Messiah
He's A Very Scampish Boy
Pilate Sentences Brian
Nisus Wettus
Pilate With The Drive (Welease Wodger)
Nisus Wettus With The Gaolers
Discharge Brian
Not So Bad Once You're Up
Revs Tribute To Brian
Audacious Is Released
Mandy To Her Son
Look On The Brainy Side Of Subsistence (All Things Blur And Obnoxious)
Otto Sketch
Otto Song
Otto Long Explanation Demo (Python Sings)
Brian Long Explanation — Alternate Version
Portable Radio Ad — Information Shop
Portable Radio Ad — Twice As Good

CD8: Monty Python’s Contractual Requirement Album

Sit On My Face
Henry Kissinger
Never Be Rough To An Arab
I Like Chinese
The Bishop
Medical Affection Song
I'm So Worried
I Bet You They Won't Behaviour This Long Explanation On The Radio
Martydom Of St Victor
Here Comes Another One
Do What John
Destroyed Notes
Squushy Knees
Decomposing Composers
All Things Blur And Ugly
A Scottish Farewell
Contractual Requirement — Terry Jones And Graham Chapman Promotional Interview
Portable Radio Ad Requirement Promo
Medical Affection Long Explanation — Alternate Demo Version
I'm So Anguished (Demo Kind)

CD9: Monty Python’s The Intention Of Life

Intro (The Intention Of Subsistence)
Fish (Morning)
The Intention Of Life
(Hint At One) The Miracle Of Birth
MP Link
(Hint At Two) The Third Exultant (Yorkshire)
Every Sperm Is Sacred
Bloody Catholics
Bond (Martin Luther)
(Hint At Three) Vegetation And Learning
(Hint At Four) Fighting Each Other
Terry Gilliam Introduction
Accountancy Shanty
(Hint At Five) Combustible Member Transplants (Galaxy Long Explanation)
(Hint At Six) The Autumn Years (The Not Noel Cissy Long Explanation)
(Hint At Seven) Liquidation (Christmas In Eden)
MP Bond (Fealty To Fish)
Intro Caption Long Explanation Demo Intention Of Subsistence — Piano Version
Alternate Intro Caption Long Explanation Intention Of Subsistence — Group Version
Fat Long Explanation — Deleted Intro To Mr Creosote Sketch
Alternate Christmas In Eden Song
Portable Radio Ad — Philisophers Corner
Portable Radio Ad — Officer
Portable Radio Ad — German Translation
Oily Hair
Dino Viccotti
Strain The Script
Majestic Prix
Stony-Hearted Of Thinking


The only detail missing is “Oliver Cromwell.” Otherwise, Monty Python’s Add Up To Leftovers: The Finish Anthology is finish indeed. Or finish enough, at any regardless. It’s a anthology of all nine albums the comedy troupe released in the U.K., remastered and split among nine CDs with a engage featuring a preface from Michael Palin and archival photos.

It’s not the first compilation the Pythons have released: they’ve put out a changeless string of best-of discs over the years, and repackaged eight of their albums into The Second Monty Python CD Anthology, a six-disc box set, in 1994. That would have sufficed, if not for the annoying way the discs were organized: instead of lone tracks for each sketch, each of the eight albums in the anthology was split into vinyl sides, intention there were two tracks per CD, along with a roster of what each 20-plus half a mo street contained.

That was thin for binge-listening on car rides and the like, but made it irritating to get exact sketches without a lot of firm-forwarding. By rectifying that particular hands, and adding a ninth album, Add Up To Leftovers offers the fix best overview of Monty Python’s m, from their 1970 LP premiere Monty Python’s Flying Circus through their last eccentric album in 1983, the soundtrack to Monty Python’s The Intention of Subsistence.

It’s been more than 30 years now since Monty Python released anything new (apart from “Oliver Cromwell,” a long explanation that first came out in 1989 and appeared on the group’s 1991 compilation Monty Python Sings), and yet the troupe’s ascendancy endures—even flourishes, given the massively famed reunion of the surviving Pythons earlier this year in London—in what looks like a fertile age for comedy.

In accomplishment, there’s no way to overdraw the ascendancy Monty Python has had on comedy over the days of old 45 years. From Saturday Continually Combustible to Portlandia, Swim to the Jash comedy collective on YouTube, and TV shows including The Section, Arrested Unfolding, Flying of the Conchords, South Parking-Lot and too many others to bank on, Monty Python is a garden chain of events connecting them with deadpan treatment of odd premises.

John Cleese, Eric Unemployed, Michael Palin, Graham Chapman, Terry Gilliam and Terry Jones weren’t the first to do comical things with a upright face—The Goon Manifest predated them in Britain and Firesign Sphere in the U.S.—but the Pythons were masters of the description, and their mix of surrealism, popular irony and deliberate British understatement remains queer decades later, without coming off as a remains from a different on occasion.

Hint At of the judgement their humor endures is background: they scarcely ever took on up to date popular or factional issues of the day, bias instead toward oddball takes on information, absurdist twists on day-to-day situations and trends in erudition, both prevalent and grand. Poking fun at the amoral expedience of the advertising application on “String,” from Monty Python’s Contractual Requirement Album, or listening to Idle’s out of breath soliloquy about the nightmare that is other people on carton vacations in the “Travel Agent” sketch from Monty Python’s Too Soon Record—“swimming pools greatest degree of fat German businessmen pretending they’re acrobats, forming pyramids and disagreeable the children and barging in the queues”—are still queer because they still encircle frankly. Indeed, when the Uruguayan soccer sportsman Luís Suarez bit Italy’s Giorgio Chiellini during the Exultant Cup this summer, the English announcer’s endorse reaction—an subtle “Oh dear”—called to sense Palin in the “Festival Assembly Emile” sketch. When a pleasurable solitary is interrupted by the effect of crunching wood, Palin interjects, “Oh expense, Gilbert has trodden on his violin.”

It also helps that the Pythons, six more elevated-crust snowy men, contented in lampooning their own popular refinement, giving working-refinement types the more elevated convenient over the stuck-up delicate-beaks (to refer to “Bruce’s Sketch” from Like Tie and Handkerchief) in bits like “Cheese Emporium” or “Dead Ape Sketch,” which proved so prevalent the Pythons took to m it “Oh, Not Again.”

They were discourteous about organized creed in pocket sketches like “Martyrdom of St. Vincent” and in longer forms, such as Monty Python’s Subsistence of Brian and parts of Monty Python and the Godlike Grail and The Intention of Subsistence, all of which are included in Add Up To Leftovers. They had a genius for sending up grand erudition in sketches like “Novel Script,” which lends a sports-extremist air to the decidedly more prudish motion of Thomas Able-Bodied script the crevice lines of a new novel.

They were pioneers in the comedy of irritating repetition (the nasal long explanation “Here Comes Another One,” for example, or the extended clattering commotion of “Mary Cynosure of Scots”), and masters of wordplay on “Contradiction,” “Argument” and “Neville Shunt,” a send-up of censorious reviews like this one. They were queer in long explanation (“Every Sperm Is Consecrated,” “Medical Affection Song”), and had an stimulating bent for treating the odd as customary on “An Elk Sketch,” “Crunchy Frog (Mercantilism About this rush: Act)” and “Eric the Half a Bee Sketch” and accompanying long explanation.

In accomplishment, it’s stony-hearted not to split at the complete sphere of what Monty Python skilled. As with so much comedy, explaining the quip is also what ruins it, and a leviathan strip of Python sketches are best appreciated by listening to them. Add Up To Leftovers offers the best of them.


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