Marilyn Manson - Lest We Disregard: The Best Of (2004) 320Kbps CbR Mp3 [TuGAZx]

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Marilyn Manson — Lest We Disregard: The Best Of (2004) 320Kbps CbR Mp3 [TuGAZx]
Marilyn Manson — Lest We Cease To Remember: The Best Of (2004) 320kbps CbR Mp3
Lest We Cease To Remember: The Best Of (Album)
Lest We Cease To Remember: The Best Of is the first greatest hits album by Marilyn Manson.

A new prevarication was recorded to commend the album, a counter of Depeche Mode's «Personal Jesus».

The album was released at the end of September 2004.

The album counter is one of Marilyn Manson's watercolor paintings, titled «Experience is The Live-In Lover of Fools».

The deluxe issue includes a DVD containing most of the band's music videos.

The album was certified Gold in USA and was supported with the band's Against All Gods Tour.

Manson initially called Lest We Cease To Remember the band's «farewell album» because the body would become a individual profession for him
However, Marilyn Manson has since recorded additional studio albums as a body.

Lest We Cease To Remember: The Best Of
Released: September 28, 2004
Recorded: (1994-2004)
Sort: Industrial stagger, support-industrial, industrial metal, substitute metal.

Characterization: Interscope
In Britain Director: Marilyn Manson, Sean Beavan, Michael Beinhorn, Ben Grosse, Dave Ogilvie, Trent Reznor, Dave Sardy, Tim Sköld
01 - The Devotion Song
02 - Exclusive Jesus
04 - The Strive With Song
05 - Tainted Love
06 - The Dope Show
07 - This is the New Shit
08 - Non-Returnable Teens
09 - Icky Fond Of Dreams (are made of this)
10 - Lunchbox
11 - Tourniquet
12 - Stagger is Dead
13 - Get Your Gunn
14 - The Nobodies
15 - Want Savage Procedure Out Of Hell
16 - The First-Rate People
17 - The Reflecting God
18 - (s)AINT (Intercontinental Honorarium Alley)
Audio Specifications:
Source___________________________:My Own CD (CD Lossless)
Format___________________________: MPEG Audio (Mp3)
Design profile______________________: Layer 3
Mode_____________________________: Dump stereo
Bit proportion rank mode______________________: Constant
Bit rate___________________________: 320 Kbps
Lead(s)_________________________: 2 channels
Sampling rate_______________________: 44.1 KHz
Compression mode___________________: Lossy
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