PSYCHEDELICVA - Raja Ram The Anthology-3CD-2007-BY CHAKS rar

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Artist.....: VA
Album......: Raja Ram The Anthology
Type.......: Compilation
Fashion......: Psychedelic
Style......: Ambient, Jazz, Flute, Psytrance
Label......: TIP.ON CLOUD NINE
CatalogNr..: TIPWCD052
Rel.girlfriend...: 02.10.2007
Str.girlfriend...: 24.09.2007
Source.....: CDDA
Grabber....: EAC 0.95 beta 3
Encoder....: Ineffective 3.97 -V 2 --vbr-new
Quality....: VBRkbps / 44.1kHz / Union-Stereo
Tracks.....: 13
Size.......: 291.15 MB
Length.....: CD1: 52:00 CD2: 74:14 CD3: 78:24
01. The Essentialness — Midnight Modus Operandi 05:43
02. The Essentialness — Notting Hill Access 04:40
03. The Essentialness — Giants 04:35
04. The Essentialness — Infinitum 01:43
05. The Essentialness — Prisms 03:13
06. The Essentialness — Jesus Buddha Moses 05:02
07. The Essentialness — Plunge Recondite 03:49
08. The Essentialness — Sri Ram 04:45
09. The Essentialness — Its All The Same 07:07
10. The Essentialness — Wonders of the Cosmos 03:28
11. The Essentialness — Cosmic Surfer 07:55
01. The Infinity Obligation — The Law 05:07
02. The Infinity Obligation — Hint Supernatural 05:42
03. The Infinity Obligation — Culture and Align 05:15
04. The Infinity Obligation — Stimuli 04:46
05. The Infinity Obligation — Cybertropic 04:10
06. The Infinity Obligation — Uforica 01:35
07. The Infinity Obligation — Wow 04:56
08. The Infinity Obligation — Mindboggler 06:36
09. The Infinity Obligation — Telepathy 06:20
10. The Infinity Obligation — Binary Neuronaut 02:34
11. The Infinity Obligation — There Were Noises (Hallucinogen Mix) 09:01
12. The Infinity Obligation — Ineffable Experiences 07:05
13. The Infinity Obligation — There Were Noises (Dub Mix) 04:10
14. The Infinity Obligation — Tribal Convention 06:57
01. Shpongle — A New Way To Say Hooray 00:49
02. Shpongle — Dorset Perspective 06:52
03. Shpongle — Name Shpongled Pennant 01:21
04. Shpongle — Levitation State 02:58
05. Shpongle — My Fore-Part Feels Like A Frisbee 05:01
06. Shpongle — ...And The Day Turned To Tenebrousness 02:21
07. Shpongle — Around The On Cloud Nine In A Tea Nonplus 02:59
08. Shpongle — The Seventh Bulletin 10:09
09. Shpongle — ...But Nothing Is Demolished 03:57
10. Shpongle — Flute Fruit 01:43
11. Shpongle — The Stamen of the Shamen 04:05
12. Shpongle — Holy Man Moments of Facts In Fact 06:56
13. Shpongle — Ivocation 02:36
14. Shpongle — Whiff 02:15
15. Cyberbabas — Cyberbabas 05:43
16. 1200 Micrograms — Squiffed Rapture 05:57
17. 1200 Micrograms — God of Swing 05:18
18. 1200 Micrograms — Swing Into The 07:23
Amount Culture:204:38
Press Notes
Raja Ram is illustrious and loved on cloud nine over for his sets, liveliness, charisma and
showmanship.He is truly one of a amicable. A lay the groundwork and devoted animation of the exhibition
whose passion, passion and journey to press unabashed and pull down it better is
staggering. He is an liveliness.

The album consists of 3 cd's of what Raja Ram sees as the key tracks of his
business in music which spans 40 years!. His most-liked moments.

CD1 is Essentialness and what a spectacular gleaning it is. Really groovy trash.

Some staggering jazz flute by Raja Ram and spectacular guitar solos and tunes. A really
spectacular gleaning of tracks from a well-known tie in the London Psychedelic
activity of belatedly 60«s break of dawn 70»s.

CD2 is The Infinity Obligation. Raja Ram and Graham wood were one of the first
acts to pull down Goa Dream State or Psy Dream State as it is now known. There first stalk
was in 1989 and they had the first Tip fete to wassail it. Both the stalk
and the flyer of the fete are included in case. This is the conclusive
gleaning of T.I.P as selected by Raja Ram but half-bred together.

CD3 the last cd is also half-bred and is mainly Shpongle, Raja Ram's very
eminent partnership with Simon Posford who have really pushed the
boundaries of what Psychedelic music can be. Then we have of course some key
tracks from the other importantly eminent collaboration (Riktam, Bansi and
Chicago) which is1200 Micrograms. One of the key epidemic acts this decade for
squiffed power, crest culture Psy music. A legal headliner for all the big Psy parties
around the on cloud nine.

And we have Cyberbabas first stalk which was the first culture Raja Ram got
together with Benji Vaughan and what an sensuous collaboration of gift they
endowed with. In the score the next chapter is a new act by these 2 called The Zap! And
it is perhaps Tip Worlds most sensuous album to girlfriend. Psychedelic but
typically graceful fashion defying trash. Elements from everywhere but not
constrained by any rules and routines, speeds, sounds or effects. Observe out!
Raja Ram has only just begun!

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