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The bandeau was from the beginning named «Hot Chocolate Band» by Mavis Smith, who worked for the Apple Detachment clasp department. This was quick shortened to Hot Chocolate by Mickie Most.

Hot Chocolate started their recording trade making a reggae side of John Lennon's «Give Pacific a Chance», but frontman Errol Brown was told he needed approbation. He was contacted by Apple Records, discovered that Lennon liked his side, and the league was afterwards signed to Apple Records.[4] The relate was eliminating-lived as The Beatles were starting to foil up, and the Apple reference soon ended.

In 1970 Hot Chocolate, with the help of report grower Mickie Most, began releasing tracks that became hits, such as «Love Is Life», «Emma», «You Could Have Been a Lady» (a U.S. and Canadian hit for April Wine), and «I Believe in Love». All those releases were on the RAK report call, owned by Most. Brown and bassist Tony Wilson wrote most of their starting apparatus, and also provided hits for Herman's Hermits, «Bet Yer Viability I Do», and Mary Hopkin, «Think About Your Children».

Little By Little the five percentage, Brixton, London based, accouterments started to become UK Singles Blueprint regulars. «Brother Louie», which featured a caller verbal vocal from Alexis Korner, and «Emma» introduced the act.


It was in the disco era of the mid — 1970s that Hot Chocolate became a big prosperity. A consortium of piercing canada display standards, the growing belief of the energy songwriting crew of Wilson and Brown, and come by harmonies enabled them to good further big hits such as «You Sensual Thing» and «Every 1«s a Winner», which were also U.S. hits, peaking at #3 (1976) and #6 (1979), respectively. «Every 1»s a Winner» featured a individual distorted guitar riff by Harvey Hinsley using a Roland GR — 500. After Wilson's departure for a alone trade, that included a 1976 album I Like Your Type, Brown hypothetical songwriting duties.

In 1977, after 15 hits, they at the last moment reached Total One with «So You Win Again». It was one of the few of their recordings that was not written, at least partly, by Brown.[5] The lose sight of was a Russ Ballard assembly.[5]

The bandeau became the only league, and one of just three acts, that had a hit in every year of the 1970s in the UK charts (the other two being Elvis Presley and Diana Ross).[5][6] The bandeau in the final analysis had at least one hit, every year, between 1970 and 1984.[3] Critically, they were often lambasted or altogether ignored, and apart from compilations their albums such as Cicero Reservation sold modestly.

The bandeau continued well into the 1980s, and clocked up another big hit report: «It Started With a Kiss», in 1982, which reached Total 5 in the UK. In all, the league charted 25 UK Top 40 hit singles. Their free «You Sensual Thing» became the only lose sight of that made British Top Ten prominence in the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s.[3]
Later years

Its renewed growth can be credited in to its appearances in a postpone of booming films starting with the 1997 comedy The Unobscured Monty, and in a 1989 acne balm commercial (featuring a minor Patsy Palmer).[7] From the fresh 1980s forth the league au fait a resurrection of credibility: Ask Overkill, PJ Harvey and The Sisters of Leniency all added Hot Chocolate songs to their active sets,[8] and Cud«s shelter of «You Sensual Thing» featured in John Peel»s Festive 50.

When Hot Chocolate disbanded in 1986, Errol Brown began a alone trade. Two of his singles made the UK Singles Blueprint — «Personal Touch» and «Body Rockin«». Hot Chocolate had a hit in 1988 in Germany. «Never Pretend» was written by Harvey Hinsley and Susan Stuttard, and the canary was Contribution Evelyn.[9] The band»s steadfast trend was verified when two compilation albums both reached #1 in the UK Albums Blueprint (see below). In 2003, Errol Brown received the MBE; and in 2004, the Ivor Novello Furnish for his contribution to British music.

In 1992, with new goods-up (new clue minstrel Greg Bannis), straw boss and force, Ric Martin, took device over the band's bookings and active appearances. Kennie Simon took over clue vocals in 2010 and Hot Chocolate sustain to cause active appearances in the UK and Europe.[10]

On 6 May 2015, founding fellow Errol Brown died from liver cancer. He was 71.
Hot Chocolate — 6 Albums 24 Bit 96KHz Vinyl FLAC


Cicero Park
Hot Chocolate
Man to Man
Every 1's a Conqueror
Going Through the Motions
20 Greatest Hits

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