Sara K. - 1999 - No Pretence (2003 HDtracks) [FLAC@96khz24bit]

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Sara K. — 1999 - No Cover

(2003 HDtracks) [FLAC@96khz24bit]

Sara K. — 1999 - No Pretence (2003 HDtracks) [FLAC@96khz24bit]

Sara K.

Sara K. — 1999 - No Pretence (2003 HDtracks) [FLAC@96khz24bit]

Sara K. (replete name Sara Katherine Wooldridge) is an American chanteuse-songwriter based in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Her music includes genres like blues, populace as well as jazz. She has released audiophile albums and used to challenge a practice 4-strand acoustic (bass) guitar. She withdrew from music profession in 2009. Born and raised in Dallas, Texas, she grew up in a kindred surrounded by music: her mum sang in a church choir, her founder in a barbershop quartet, her companion played in a border, and her sister also played the guitar. However, her kindred considered music a recreation, not a job option.

In the primeval 1970s, at the age of 15, she started playing the guitar, using one her sister had heraldry sinister behind. She took this flamenco guitar, took off the unused bold strings, and put four bass strings on instead (tuned to an glaring A). This gave it a fuller revitalize than a everyday acoustic guitar while not sounding as devious as a bass. She used this tuning from then on, making it one of her trademarks.

After effective to Santa Fe, she teamed up with several musicians and put out her enter album, Gypsy Alley (1989) with Mesa/Bluemoon. Many of its songs« topics come from the almost fifteen years she had lived a somewhat nomadic lifestyle, effective around a lot. These years had ended when she rented a dispose on that very same Gypsy Alley (off Defile Means, Santa Fe), won a goldfish on a sticks honest, and got her dog Bebe (who himself is mentioned numerous times in her songs). «Furthermore, Sara K. comes across as veritable, she »has lived these stories, is right in the mesial of them and relates them from the heart—warm, close and effective." The album won her at the drop of a hat the New Mexico Music Energy Coalition»s «Best Album Award».

One of the musicians she worked with on Gypsy Alley was guitarist Bruce Dunlap, who was also signed to New York-based Chesky Records, a list denomination aimed mainly at audiophiles. He helped to regurgitate her to the denomination and she remained signed to Chesky for more than ten years, up to 2001. For Sara K. herself, this opened up a whole new era evident by contrasts—between her southwestern homebase Santa Fe and Chesky's rushed New York, between the bold analogue recording appurtenances and the new digital/audiophile one, and between the hallucination of notoriety and riches and the realities of the list energy.

With the deliverance of her 2009 album, she announced her withdrawal from music profession. In a note to her fans on her label's website, she stated:

After many years on the means and chirography music, I«ve definite to abandon touring and recording. It»s severely to get across why but I foresee you will show compassion for. I had a information run but I think it«s over. It»s just too much for too little these days. Made in the Intimation explains it as best as I know how.
— Sara K., 2009

No Travel (2003 HDtracks)

Sara K. — 1999 - No Pretence (2003 HDtracks) [FLAC@96khz24bit]

Artist: Sara K.
: No Cover
Regisseur: David Chesky, Hui Cox
Deliverance Companion: June 22, 1999, (2003)
Denomination: Chesky Records
Catalog: HD090368018526
Category: Blues, Fashionable Blues, Folk
Duration: 54:11
Website: — 129808
No Travel was recorded in one day, one sitting at St. Peter«s Cathedral in Chelsea (NY). The tolerate is emotional and edgy with a lodger publication from flugelhorn icon and masterly Chuck Mangione. Todd Tukisher is well into the mix on percussion, as well as Hui Cox on guitar,mandolin and quattro, Gary Richardson on principled and acoustic bass,and Corrin Huddleston on harmonicas. Sara»s articulation is teeming and «on» with this amusing and edgy hi-fi forming from Chesky Records. The remakes of such songs as I Couldn«t Vary Your Watch and What You Don»t Know are even stronger in sensitivity than the originals.
Through her harmonious « articulation and sentiment-wrenching songs, Sara K. has taken us down flinty roads and into smoky bars to contrive stupefying portraits of way of life and affection. Now you can fully sense the raw sensation and above reproach dynamism of Sara K. in concert on No Travel. Featuring classics like «If I Could Yodel Your Blues» (with weird lodger Chuck Mangione), «Horse I Used To Plague,» and «I Couldn»t Vary Your Watch,« as well as new songs like the bluesy »Ball «n Honky-Tonk,» this electrifying portrayal was recorded and filmed in quod the acoustically-amusing St. Peter»s Church in New York.

Sara K. — 1999 - No Pretence (2003 HDtracks) [FLAC@96khz24bit]

01 - Ball 'n Honky-Tonk — 3:38
02 - Horse I Used To Plague — 4:21
03 - Tell Me I«m Not Dreamin» — 6:32
04 - If I Could Yodel Your Blues — 4:08
05 - Uncontrolled Stripling (Seana's Be Aware Of) — 4:40
06 - Abandon Those Bells — 3:07
07 - I Couldn't Vary Your Watch — 5:22
08 - What's A Little More Stream — 4:20
09 - Gypsy Eyes — 2:37
10 - Dead Affection — 4:02
11 - Tecalote Eyes — 3:28
12 - Beyond — 2:57
13 - What You Don't Know — 4:59


Acoustic Bass – Gary Richardson
Flugelhorn – Chuck Mangione
9-Strand Guitar, Cuatro, Guitar, Mandolin – Hui Cox
Harmonica – Corrin Huddleston
Percussion – Todd Turkisher
Vocals, Guitar – Sara K.

Sara K. — 1999 - No Pretence (2003 HDtracks) [FLAC@96khz24bit]

Sara K. — 1999 - No Pretence (2003 HDtracks) [FLAC@96khz24bit]

Sara K. — 1999 - No Pretence (2003 HDtracks) [FLAC@96khz24bit]

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