Erik Wollo - Star’s End 2015 (Tacit Currents 4) (2016) FLAC

  • 20.06.2016, 15:02,
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Ambient / Electronic

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Erik Wollo — Star’s End 2015 (Tacit Currents 4) (2016) FLAC

1. Quiescent Currents 4 (01:00:13)

“This is the most rest and rapt moments of this series and they will prospect you to the door of your inner mind”

Erik Wøllo’s new digital-only electronic/ambient manumitting is a 2015 stay discharge at the belatedly-vespers all the tempo Star’s End tranny pretentiousness on WXPN in Philadelphia. This is a large-put together, introspective 60-instant holding with thirteen sections of enigmatic textural components organically flowing into each other. Eschewing the orderliness and orderliness organize in Wøllo’s studio labour, Star’s End 2015 is an puzzling term of ambience and this artist’s cogent skills at creating seat and ever-expanding earshot-universes.

The concept of the “Silent Currents” conjure up showcases a different side of Erik Wøllo’s earshot. More non-representational, rest and least, it explores slack-travel structures, surreal soundscapes and floating currents. It’s all stay, all new important every tempo. This pretentiousness was Erik’s fourth Star’s End performance; the sometime three released on the hypocritical CD Quiescent Currents/Live at Star’s End (Projekt PRO262, 2011), and Quiescent Currents 3 (Projekt ARC00100, 2013).

The artist says, “I diminish various sonic excerpts, loops and atmospheres and discharge and in these into large unceasing sections all in actual tempo. I think the captivating things come about below the outside where everything has a slack, suspended nutter. Like a mysterious river flowing unnoted, travel chance in the undercurrents, or tidal be inconsistent flowing in the facing operation of the top fall. These ideas have been sizeable in the composing of this music.”

Mesmerizing parts spurt seamlessly and morph into illusionary episodes, evoking everlasting seat with downtempo grooves, soaring guitars, spatial explorations and cheery sequences all thrilling very slowly and imperceptibly, drifting from one province to the other. The attribute of tempo grows more and more patent. The compositions evolve and curl, criss-crossing among elongated morphic pulsations and additional inappreciable percussion; Wøllo’s trademark ebow soars above orderly movements with non-representational chords alternating in succession.

On Star’s End 2015 Wøllo descends into himself, realizing music hook in the prominence. A truly subterranean sonic try one's luck!

Quiescent Currents 1+2:
Quiescent Currents 3: — 3

released Hike 29, 2016

Erik Wollo — Star’s End 2015 (Tacit Currents 4) (2016) FLAC

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