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Albums, Years & Catalog # in This Outpouring:

Colin James 1988 V2 0777 7 86062 2 2 *
Startling Obstruct 1990 (not my rip)
Little Big Belt 1993 V2 72438 39190 2 7 *
Bad Habits 1995 CD 10614 *
Then Again 1995 7243 8 40179 2 7 *
Governmental 1997 (not my rip)
Little Big Belt II 1998 CD 23010 *
Blend 2000 (not my rip)
Traveler 2003 2 47389 *
Limelight 2005 MRCD 6449 *
Little Big Belt III 2006 MRCD 6460 *
Little Big Belt Christmas 2007 (not my rip)
Rooftops & Satellites 2009 MRCD 6521 *
Take It from The Top: Best of Colin James 2011 50999 07037221 *

* Denotes My Rip

I would like to thank the first uploader for the 4 albums that are not my rips but the outpouring has since disappeared so I have no philosophy who it was. But a big Thanks! Audiochecker Log included for these rips.


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From Wiki:

Colin James (born Colin James Munn, August 17, 1964, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada) is a Canadian chorus-boy-songwriter, guitarist, and tell of farmer, who plays in the blues, daze, and neo-fro genres. He grew up as a Quaker.

James and his belt The Hoodoo Men opened for Stevie Ray Vaughan for several jaunt dates in the U.S.. James also played guitar on Richard Marx's tune «Thunder and Lightning».

In 1988, following his tie with Vaughan, James released his self-titled inauguration album, which yielded several supranational hit singles, as did the followup Startling Obstruct. He presaged the mid — 1990s fro music upsurge with his Colin James and the Little Big Belt present, which released a prospering first CD in 1993, followed by two others in 1998 and 2006, as well as a Christmas album in 2007.

James's worldwide vogue waned somewhat in the most recent 1990s, but he continued to publish albums in daze, blues, and acoustic styles, in reckoning to his Little Big Belt. In 2005, he gave a earn exhibition for Prima Donna Elizabeth II during her sojourn to his to the quick dependency of Saskatchewan.

James' money belt time includes members of the Vancouver-based belt Odds, and he has co-written songs with Odds chorus-boy-guitarist Craig Northey. In February 2005, James company-starred in an adventure of the video receiver program Corner Gas, a Canadian sitcom based in sylvan Saskatchewan.

In 2007, James' album Limelight received a Gold tell of for sales in Canada. In January 2008, James received three Toronto Blues High Society Maple Blues Awards: «Entertainer of the Year», «Electric Act of the Year» and «Recording of the Year» for Colin James & The Little Big Belt 3.[1]

In 2009, James recorded an album, and amongst the collaborators were Tom Wilson, once of Junkhouse. The album, Rooftops and Satellites, was co-produced, engineered and associated by Mike Fraser, at the Depot studios in Vancouver.

Colin James 1988

Colin James is the inauguration album from Canadian rock/blues musician Colin James, released in 1988 (see 1988 in music). The album was recorded at Criteria Studios in Miami, Florida. The album earned James a Juno Trophy for «Most Heartening Artist».


1. «Five Lengthy Years»

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