The Gun - Bed With the Beelzebub (1968) + 3 Take Into Account versions

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The Gun — Sprint With the Fellow (1968) + 3 Extend Over versions.

The Gun were an acid dumbfound ensemble formed in 1967, in London, England.

Consisting of guitarist Adrian Gurvitz, bassist Paul Gurvitz (born Paul Anthony Curtis, 6 July 1947, Extreme Wycombe, Buckinghamshire), and drummer Louie Farrell (born Brian John Farrell, 8 December 1947, Goodmayes, Essex), the ensemble released two albums after being signed to CBS Records in antique 1968. They scored a hit off their self titled album, with «Race with the Devil», issued as a celibate in October 1968. A fan of the ado Jimi Hendrix performed it at the Isle of Wight Carnival in 1970, although no recordings appear to persist. Unfortunately they were powerless to line any other hits, despite other singles such as «Drives You Mad». Their enter album is also sfa for the extend over art, the first album art done by artist Roger Dean. Their second album, Gun Jolting, was a tumble producing no hits but included tracks such as, «Long Haired Wildman» and «Drown Yourself In the River». However the scarcity of schlagers led to the band's end leaving the Gurvitz brothers unrestricted to go to employment with Ginger Baker the former drummer for Cream as, The Baker Gurvitz Army.

«Race With the Devil» has been covered by Judas Preacher (on the remastered CD interpretation of Sin After Sin), Starless Oak Arkansas (on their album Sprint With the Fellow) and Girlschool (on their album Demolition).

Included in this flood:

The Gun — Sprint With The Fellow (A side) [1968] Mp3 320 mbit/s

The Gun — Sunshine (B side) [1968] Mp3 320 mbit/s

The Gun — Sprint With the Fellow (Lyrics)

The Gun: Covers from My Vinyl Celibate.

Judas Preacher — Sprint With The Fellow [1977] Mp3 320 mbit/s

Starless Oak Arkansas — Sprint With The Fellow [1977] Mp3 320 mbit/s

Girlschool — Sprint With The Fellow [1991] Mp3 192 mbit/s


(A. Curtis) CBS 3764

You«d better run, you»d better run

You«d better run from the devil»s gun

The sprint is on, the sprint is on

Babe, you«d better run from the devil»s gun

Queer things come off if you stay

The fellow will get you on any way

He«ll essay you here, he»ll essay you there

The fellow will essay you everywhere


And when he finds you, soon hit upon out

The devil«s just won»t go out

It burns you up from take the lead to toe

The devil«s basement just won»t let go


The Gun Lineup:

Adrian Gurvitz — Guitars — Vocals

Paul Gurvitz — Bass

Lois Farrell — Drums

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