Faust - The Wuemme Years - (1970-1973)

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F A U S T — The Wümme Years -

At first a sententious introduction to the bind from Hugues Chantraine (www.progarchives.com):

"Considered by many music historians as one of the most noteworthy aggregation out of Germany, FAUST were certainly at the of their measure. They took their music to credulous heights somewhere in between CAN, VELVET SUBWAY, NEU, LA DUSSELDORF or HENRY COW but also much farther and can be considered as founding fathers of the Industrial Daze. Having made their launching in 71 in Hamburg, FAUST will never break their groundbreaking and will be always one secede a improve at the of everybody else including the groups above mentioned and are the prime example of Daze In Rival (RIO) along with HENRY COW.

FAUST is definitely not for the medicine syncope-hearted child and can only be recommended in bantam doses because it is very precarious for the stability of the middling proghead. DO NOT and I recapitulate this Do Not forage this to a fecund lass or a mentally thin child — although you could fail it to Techno Heads — as they would greatly get high on this."

This is the basic store of worldly from the Wümme* years, combining the albums:
— Clear
— So Far
— The Faust Tapes
— 71 Minutes
— and a much expanded account of the «BBC Session» worldly, including previously
unreleased tracks as well as new interviews with key members of the aggregation and
their entourage.

*(Wümme = river near Bremen + bantam township in Niedersachsen, Germany)

The politic calibre of the 2000 released box set is very good.

Covers and booklets are included.

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