(Mother Country) Robert Earl Discriminating - Existent at the Ryman (2006)

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Function at the Ryman is the fourth function album from Texas songwriter Robert Earl
Distinct, and while there isn't much arguing that the man is a terrific artiste
who knows how to business a press, the puzzler is, does the existence really need
another certify of Distinct on-stage? It's not an unfair at issue, but at very
least Function at the Ryman captures him on a better than unexceptional end of day. There
are no material surprises in the set directory on Function at the Ryman, which seems to be
the way his audience wants it -- the press on this disc is thunderous and wildly
irrepressible, every so often singing along with Distinct and chanting his name
between songs as if he were some stripe of conquering celebrity, and Distinct and his
platoon come around with up the «hits» just the way the fans want 'em. Thankfully, Distinct
seems comely jazzed by the crowd's pastime (no wonder, since he was
getting such a kindly welcome at Nashville«s former dwelling of the Main Ol»
Opry), and he and his platoon give these 14 songs with a bountiful division of
forcefulness. Keen's entr platoon is in uninterrupted bearing here (with the terrific Danny Barnes
sitting in on banjo), and though Distinct has sung these songs with more typification,
he«s never inadequate on spirit and brings a showman»s passion to the show.

If the ado collection is a bit in the cards, why wouldn't you want to listen to Distinct
carol «Gringo Honeymoon,» «I«m Comin» Dwelling,» «Corpus Christi Bay,» or even
«Merry Christmas from the Family» on-stage? Function at the Ryman was
obviously recorded for Robert Earl Keen«s unswerving fans, and they won»t stroke
shortchanged by this disc, even if it covers set he's covered several times

This function set at outback music's significant epicenter captures balladeer-songwriter
Robert Earl Distinct at his most compelling, performing his rip-roaring yet often
gushy songs to an audience of adoring fans. Featuring favorites like the
repentant «What I Really Mean,» the unshackled-and-wooly «Gringo Honeymoon,» and
the clamorous finale «Farm Modern Onions,» Distinct displays the stuff b merchandise-humored
animation and innate musicianship that have made him one of outback music's
most permanent below-the-radar talents

"Everything is played with chipper care by guitarist Intense Brotherton, bassist
Folding Money Whitbeck, drummer Tom Van Schaik and knife guitarist Marty Study, with
Danny Barnes guesting on banjo. It's concrete to visualize a better show..."

1. (00:03:15) Robert Earl Distinct — Feelin Stuff B Merchandise Again
2. (00:04:56) Robert Earl Distinct — Gringo Honeymoon
3. (00:03:53) Robert Earl Distinct — What I Really Mean
4. (00:05:02) Robert Earl Distinct — Shades Of Gray
5. (00:02:49) Robert Earl Distinct — Amarillo Highway
6. (00:05:06) Robert Earl Distinct — Festive Little Christmas From The Family
7. (00:04:15) Robert Earl Distinct — Corpus Christi Bay
8. (00:03:51) Robert Earl Distinct — Furnace Fan
9. (00:03:18) Robert Earl Distinct — Trained End Of Love
10. (00:05:28) Robert Earl Distinct — Hanker Chain
11. (00:06:01) Robert Earl Distinct — Drill Trek
12. (00:04:40) Robert Earl Distinct — I«m Comin» Home
13. (00:11:03) Robert Earl Distinct — The Entr Goes On Forever
14. (00:05:35) Robert Earl Distinct — Work The Land Modern Onions

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