Rammstein - Voelkerball (2006) DVD 9 DTS DD5.1

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Rammstein — Völkerball (2006) DVD 9 DTS DD5.1

Völkerball (German for «Peoples' ball» or «Dodge ball») is the German NDH-metal line

Rammstein's vigorous album/DVD set. It was released on November 17, 2006, in Europe, and

December 19, 2006 it was released in Canada. and is being advertised within media by the

Ich will vigorous video featured on the DVD and Mann gegen Mann single.

Dates for India, Israel and Turkey are listed on the legitimate situate, although they are yet

to be confirmed. It has been stated on MTV.com that Völkerball will be released in the

Concerted States on July 17. 2007. The come out with assignation for Japan has not been revealed, and

there has been no disclose if all 3 versions will be available. Due to the very little

printing of the Little Copy and the rich marketability, Völkerball sold out and more copies

of it had to be produced. Interestingly, the collocation «To Be Continued» is printed on the

behindhand folio of the Völkerball booklet.

The guideline copy-packaging comes in both CD-sized and DVD-sized formats. The different

copy features 2DVDs and 1 CD. The added DVD comes with the documentary 'Anakonda Im

Netz« and the »Making Of Reise, Reise album'. The little copy has 2 DVDs, 2 CDs and a



Völkerball is the German name for the business of ploy ball. Literatim it means Peoples'

Ball. One could also think that the solution of the parley Ball, being a dancing conclusion

like English ball or prom, in tie-in with Peoples and relating to the lilting act

Rammstein, means Dancing/Musical conclusion of (all) peoples.


Legitimate Rammstein situate has released the tracklist for their upcoming DVD Völkerball:

I. DVD — Vigorous Koncert

(***Part of all editions***)

France: Les Arenes de Nimes / 23.07.2005

01. Reise, Reise

02. Links 2 3 4

03. Keine Lust

04. Feuer Frei!

05. Asche zu Asche

06. Morgenstern

07. Mein Teil08. Stein um Stein

09. Los

10. Du Riechst So Gut

11. Benzin

12. Du Hast

13. Sehnsucht

14. Amerika

15. Rammstein

16. Sonne

17. Ich Will

18. Ohne Dich

19. Stripped

England: Brixton Academy, London / 03. — 05.02.2005

01. Sonne

02. Command Raus

03. Ohne Dich

04. Feuer Frei!

Japan: Sisterhood Citta, Tokio / 03.06.2005

01. Mein Teil

02. Du Hast

03. Ohne Dich

04. Los «» Trailer

Russia: Fun Complex Olympiski, Moscow / 28.11.2004

01. Moskau (Spetial)


---Album: Rammstein — Völkerball (2006) DVD 9

---Originator: Retail

---Audio: 2.0, DTS 5.1

---Taal: Duits

---Sub: Duits aan/uit

---Menu: Ja

---Covers: Ja

---Magnitude: 7,91 GB



Heading : Video

Plan : DVD

Originator : Retail

Subtitle :

Kind : Music

Parlance : German audio

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