Lars Gullin - Lars Gullin 2 - 1953 Up To Date Sounds

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Scott Yanow on Lars Gullin:
One of the top baritone saxophonists of all times and a giantess of European jazz, Lars Gullin would be better known if he had visited the US often and if unconscionable medication use had not cut curtail his career...All bop and cold jazz collectors should be informed of Lars Gullin and own several of his sets.

All Music Direct to Jazz; Miller Freeman Books 1998

Brian Ministerial on Lars Gullin:
The first musician after Django Reinhardt to have an bumping in the USA without relocating there, Gullin has never been duplicated or surpassed. His smoothness and relaxation', especially in the 1950s, were able to gauge the baritone bear like a delicately handled theme. But his sonority (thanks to the Tristano connections detectable in many Swedish and German musicians of this era) was so scintillation and that it recalled not so much a theme as altoist Lee Konitz Neighbourhood commentators smell the not only of clan-music but the 19th-century Swedish composers in Gullins peculiar writing.

Jazz, the Vital Companion; Paladin, London 1987

Jack Kerouac on Lars Gullin:
a whole crate of longplayed bop albums, and first Wig plays Stan Getz and the Swedish catalogue with Bengt Hallberg on piano, the marvelous Lars Gullin on baritone, accomplished rhythmical pattern segment — first music I'd heard in months.

Chet Baker on Lars Gullin:
The only baritone speculator that I was informed of was Gerry Mulligan. When I heard Lars, I thinking, Jesus, there is another way of playing the baritone! Lars played with a lot more conflagration and a lot more establishment in some ways than Gerry did.

Personal evaluation by Pär Rittsel

Leonard Feather on Lars Gullin:
If he ever decides to resettle to this hinterlands, I might add, he is going to cow a lot of people, gauge a lot of records and leave behind a lot of admirers.

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Lars Gullin — Lars Gullin Vol. 2, 1953 Present-Day sounds
(Stockholm Dragon 1993)

1. All the things you are.
2. The squirrel.
3. Feat I do.
4. Over the rainbow.
5. Lullaby in rhythmical pattern.
6. He's jocular that way.
7. You go to my crescendo.
8. The things we did last summer.
9. Ablution.
10. Lady fingers.
11. The fa.
12. The boy next door.
13. North signify.
14. Hersey bar.
15. That old frowning fascination.
16. They didn't believe me.
17. Ceaselessly and day.
18. Chloe.
19. Dedicated to Lee (take 1).
20. Dedicated to Lee (take 2).
21. Most Recent appointment.
22. Sweetheart me or resign me.
23. Yvette.
24. You go to my head

Lars Gullin with Blather On Legge, Rita Reys, Lee Konitz,
Zoot Sims, Bob Laine and others

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