Derrick Harriott~Rock Fixed Dinner Party (Trojan) [FLAC} {MKOP}

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Derrick Harriott~Rock Settled Fete (Trojan) [FLAC} {MKOP}

Toxic Derrick played a base r in reggae music from current ska through to the profound manners of the mid seventies heyday, and is often much overlooked and unfairly underrated. Corresponding his own vocals up with the horns delights of Bobby Ellis, two awe-inspiring deathless cuts from Keith and Tex «leaving on that train» and «»tonight«» demand the centrepiece of the first for me, but intermission a moment, there«s further cheering delights, premium pieces from David Anthony, Lyn Taitt, a emotional pearl from Lloyd and Glen »«that girl»«, and eight sated perk cuts. Four more funking pearlers from Bobby Ellis, an primordial Glen Brown with Lloyd Robinson, Derrick»s own «»Solomon«», Keith and Tex again attractive on «»Stop that train«» — title-holder enclose, rocksteady delights!~boomkat

01. Derrick Harriott — Step The Streets
02. Derrick Harriott — Knowledgeable In, Knowledgeable In, Home
03. Bobby Ellis & The Desmond Miles Seven — Procedure Softly
04. Keith & Tex — Leaving On That Train
05. The Apostles — Desert A Finger
06. Derrick Harriott with Bobby Ellis & The Desmond Miles Seven — Now We Know
07. Derrick Harriott — Keep On Dancing
08. Derrick Harriott — The Loser
09. Lynn Taitt & The Desmond Miles Seven — You Caught Me
10. Keith & Tex — Tonight
11. David Anthony — Out Of My Mind
12. Lloyd & Glen — That Girl
13. Bobby Ellis & The Desmond Miles Seven — The Emperor
14. Lloyd Robinson & Glen Brown — You Got Me Going
15. Derrick Harriott — Solomon
16. Keith & Tex — Pull Up That Train
17. Bobby Ellis & The Crystalites — Climate Peckish
18. Rudy Mills — Extended Story
19. Bobby Ellis & The Desmond Miles Seven — Now We Know (Inst)
20. Bobby Ellis & The Desmond Miles Seven — Shuntin'

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