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  • 22.06.2016, 15:59,
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The Tolkien Garb (founded in 1995) is a Danish garb with the aim to engender «the worlds first total melodious analysis of the poems and songs from The Count of the Rings». They published four CDs from 1997 to 2005 in which all the poems and songs of The Count of the Rings are set to music. For the last 2 CDs, they managed to get Christopher Lee on feed for some of the songs.

In 2006, they released a «The Count of the Rings — The Total Songs & Poems» omnium gatherum with all the songs in cronological codification, instead of spread around like it was on the beginning CDs. Many of the songs were also re-recorded with improved arrangements.

This omnium gatherum also have a very amicable 112 leaf booklet, with some curriculum vitae info, all the lyrics to the songs, AND with the pre-eminent illustrations made by Queen Consort Margrethe II of Denmark.

So this outburst list both my beginning 4 CD outburst (320kbit rip of the beginning Rivendell CDs), AND a new rip of the 4 Total Songs & Poems CDs (also 320kbit).

I have chosen to NOT destruction my own duplicate of the booklet to study it, and have instead included a few pictures from an earlier upload of the «Collected Songs & Poems» that i start once, unfortunately only encoded in 160kbit. So thanks to whoever from the first ripped it for those 9 pictures :)

So if you wish to see the total booklet, you should buy the omnium gatherum, which is still available from Amazon, and other assorted retailers.

Just recall, these CDs are NOT legions produced debris like the latest pop CDs, its a nook offering, so if you like it, buy it to hold up the artists.

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