Leroy Apt Anthology (Denounce) [320KB] {MKOP}

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Leroy Smart~Leroy Acute Anthology (Censure) [320KB] {MKOP}

Born: 1952, Kingston, Jamaica

A of amity songs and roots constituents, Leroy «The Don» Acute has been on the reggae backdrop since the break of dawn «70s. Born in Jamaica and orphaned as a prepubescent newborn, Leroy was sent to Maxfield Reserve childrenΓÇÖs at ease and refined at the famed Alpha Boys Fashion. He began recording in the break of dawn »70s. Acute worked with such producers as Gussie Clarke, Joseph «Jo Jo» Hoo Kim, and Bunny Lee and scored hits like «Pride & Ambition», «Mother Liza», and «Ballistic Affair» while gaining stardom for a flashy engagement pattern, exceptionally anguished deliverance, and discriminating vocal comportment. SmartΓÇÖs smashing assert often seemed about to fail from dread and earnestness mid-bother. He has continued to make a stand for his lionization, never scoring any crossover or global hits, but retaining his give up with the notoriously frivolous Jamaican audience.~reggaeholland

01. Ballistic Affair
02. Cast Into The Shade And Pride
03. Obliteration Up My Life
04. Old Lady Lizer
05. Mirror
06. Mr Smart
07. Let Your Core Be Pure
08. Spirit Is A Peculiar Thing
09. No Love
10. Fancy Period Now
11. We Want to Go Home
12. Let Off Something
13. ItΓÇÖs A Fancy Period Now
14. Jah Is Mighty
15. Jennifer
16. Mr Fecund In Man
17. Move In Reverse Out Babylon
18. Jah Jah Nullify Them
19. God Helps the Man
20. Amity In My Heart
21. You DonΓÇÖt Believe
22. Path One Crave It
23. Your Kisses Are Sweet
24. Bad Minded People
25. Virtue Your Old Lady & Father
26. Amity Model Original
27. We Want To Know
28. WonΓÇÖt You
29. Fink On Yield Glorification To Jah
30. Man Is So Great
31. Know Yourself
32. Shake Up On Period Dub
33. Callous Dub
34. Jah Helps The Man
35. Come Let Us Have Some Fun

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