Louis Jordan - Ancestor of Metre & Blues and Rock'n Rotate [EAC FLAC]

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Louis Jordan's pressure on American music giants such as Ray Charles, James Brown, Little Richard and Chuck Berry is front-office for the administration of commonplace music after the Big Team Up era. More importantly, he laid the inauguration for wobble and inventory, which has been acknowledged by his 1987 induction into the Wobble and Inventory Passage of Fame.

Probably the two icons who were most influenced by Jordan — by their own accounts — were James Brown and Chuck Berry. James Brown carried the clothe of Godfather of Vital Spirit (and funk), while Chuck Berry was one of the untimely wobble pioneers.

The best way to know Jordan is to observe and obey — in these clips you can clearly advised how his pocket-sized combo — Tympany Five — was the precedent for what was to become R&B, as well as the inauguration of what was to become vital spirit via James Brown and Ray Charles, and wobble via Chuck Berry and others Jordan heavily influenced such as Restaurant Check Halley.

Pa of Timing «N» Blues & Wobble «N» Inventory album was released Jan 27, 2003 on the Worldwide Cataloguing identify. «Swinging in a Coconut Tree,» «Buzz Me,» and «Stone Hyperboreal Unconcerned in the Market» are only a few of the songs on FATHER OF THE TIMING & BLUES & WOBBLE & ROLL, an bar Louis Jordan compilation.


1 Fashionable in a Cocoanut Tree
2 Five Guys Named Moe See
3 It's A Low Down Grimy Defame See
4 Is You Is Or Is You Ain't My Baby?
5 Caldonia Boogie
6 Call Up Me
7 Squirrel Away Greensward, West Virginia
8 Be On One's Guard
9 Choo Choo Ch' Boogie
10 Stone Hyperboreal Unconcerned in the Hawk
11 Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chicken
12 Let the Cogent Times Inventory
13 Texas And Pacific
14 Jack, You're Dead
15 Reet, Tiny, And Gone
16 Untimely In the Morning
17 Barnyard boogie
18 Boogie Woogie Morose Lamination
19 Look Out
20 Beans and Cornbread
21 Saturday Darkness Fish Fry
22 You Imp You
23 Morose Appear Boogie
24 Junco Helpmeet

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