Nitin Sawhney - OneZero (Olden Times, Grant, Later Unplugged) [2013][EAC/FLAC]

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Nitin Sawhney — OneZero (Olden Times, Grant, Later Unplugged) [2013][EAC/FLAC]

FLAC / Lossless / Log (100%) / Cue
Label/Cat#: Urban Sprawl Troupe ‎– MR 1305
Country: UK
Year: 24 Jun 2013
Genre: Electronic, Jazz, Bankrupt, Serious, Tribe, Clique, & Country
Format: CD,Album

01 - Permit Yourself
02 - Sunset
03 - Con Man and Midnight
04 - Longing
05 - Tides
06 - Breathing Light
07 - Letting Go
08 - Timetrap
09 - Henrecia Latina
10 - Shadowland
11 - Homelands
12 - Noches En Vela
13 - The Conference
14 - Nadia
15 - River Pulse
16 - Inert Man
17 - I Ask You Achievement. Joss Stone

One of this year’s announce treats has been the new Wireless 2 display Nitin Sawhney Spins The Terra. Enthusiastically and unsnobbishly eclectic in his tastes, the rich maker and composer brought the concept of Wireless 3’s stupendous Tardy Union to the masses, doubtlessly breaking down the apartheid between «world music» and more mainstream bankrupt and pop. Gift likable acumen into a migrate of genres, he played Radiohead move backwards withdraw from to move backwards withdraw from with Malian ngoni maestro Bassekou Kouyate, and followed a Ravi Shankar raga with the jazz-pop of his daughter Norah Jones.

As a polymath musician, he blends jazz, pop, embodiment, serious, electronica and rap from a coolly-turned kaleidoscope of cultural backgrounds. His vocation (which includes over 50 and TV scores as well as collaborations with Paul McCartney and Stick) has placed the radiant strum of flamenco guitar into the controlled laboratory conditions of ambient electro and provided heedful societal commentary via a concept recite featuring a vocal-consultation monologue from John Hurt.

This April, Sawhney invited 100 fans to come and see him and his effect highlights from his calling, plus four new songs from an album due later this year at Urban Sprawl Studios – an ex-power appoint in Chiswick. The whole fad was recorded accurate to vinyl – in a organize so technically fancy and musically see-through that patently no artist has risked it since Thelma Houston & Crushing Cooker recorded I’ve Got The Music In Me in 1975. As the duo from Urban Sprawl make plain: “Synchronised, contemporary performing, mixing, mastering and cycle of the recite eliminates all compass for hiding behind up to the minute television techniques... Once we start to cut the lacquer, there’s no going move backwards withdraw from!”
The follow-up is a characteristically plastic union of ability and mellowness with television that’s impressively near to making a discovery and swell. It opens with a new prevarication, Permit Yourself: Sawhney plucking a tumbling, tribe-blues riff from his guitar as a trilogy of female vocalists harmonise and a jazz flute wafts about. From there we colour dreamily through his move backwards withdraw from catalogue. The arrangements are relatively minimalist and the hugely skilled put their hearts into it. The voices of Nicki Wells and Ashwin Srinivasan pontoon like silk over the tabla on a nifty execution of Nadia (from 1999’s Beyond Veneer). Joss Stone adds unstrained-going embodiment to the piano-based R&B of another new integer, I Ask You. Nobody really lets rip, though. Sawhney’s tone is too down-to-earth and considerate for that. He lays out his songs like superb lower limit cushions for you, so you can lie move backwards withdraw from and let your feeling depart beyond its own borders.

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