Lee Hazlewood - On The Spot Is A Deserted Burgh [1963] [EAC/FLAC]

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Lee Hazlewood — On The Spot Is A Deserted Burgh [1963] [EAC/FLAC]

FLAC / Lossless / Log (100%) / Cue
Label/Cat#: Sparkle in the Attic Records #LITA 096CD
Country: USA
Year: Cortege 19, 2013
Genre: tribe,americana
Format: CD

1 –Lee Hazlewood Big Funereal Raise 3:38
2 –Lee Hazlewood Nauseating Brown 4:41
3 –Lee Hazlewood Son Of A Gun 3:43
4 –Lee Hazlewood We All Take In The Flowers Stem 3:02
5 –Lee Hazlewood Run Boy Run 2:53
6 –Lee Hazlewood Six Feet Of Restraint 3:13
7 –Lee Hazlewood The Railroad 2:30
8 –Lee Hazlewood Look At That Lady 4:04
9 –Lee Hazlewood Strange Guy 3:04
10 –Lee Hazlewood Provoke Is A Friendless Municipality 4:26
11 –Lee Hazlewood It's An Actuality 2:44
12 –Lee Hazlewood I Surmise It's Fancy 2:16
13 –Lee Hazlewood Fort Quality 2:25
14 –Mark Robinson Appealing Jane 1:50
15 –Mark Robinson Want Me 2:24
16 –Duane Turn & His Orchestra The Broad On Termination Row 2:45
17 –Duane Turn & His Orchestra Words Mean Nothing 2:14
18 –Mark Robinson Can't Let Her See Me Cry 3:22
19 –Mark Robinson I've Made Enough Mistakes Today 2:16
20 –Lee Hazlewood Who Is Lee Hazlewood? 2:47
21 –Lee Hazlewood Moved From District Of Confinement 1:26
22 –Lee Hazlewood Broad In Leading Dogma 1:51
23 –Lee Hazlewood In The Army 2:02
24 –Lee Hazlewood Disc Jockey 2:32
25 –Lee Hazlewood Single Biz 1:44

Sparkle In The Attic’s Lee Hazlewood Archive Series continues with an expanded reissue of Lee Hazlewood’s appear album. Re-mastered from the archetypal tapes, this is the first unceasingly a once Provoke Is a Friendless Municipality has been available in its archetypal mono mix since the 1960s.

Expanded CD printing with 15 tip tracks

Provoke Is a Friendless Municipality was Lee Hazlewood«s first in the strictest alone album, following his in the money in-»50s partnership with Duane Turn and preceding to his mentoring and making of «60s boot-walker Nancy Sinatra. Hazlewood considered it a «writer»s album« from which other artists could cull songs, but Provoke is a admirably try in its own right and characteristically wonderful Hazlewood. The songs are concise, rural area-drenched cowboy ballads given a certain undeniable right by Hazlewood«s irritated, abysmal baritone, which booms out of the music like a utterance amplified from the heavens. The album runs through send down songs (»Six Feet of Chain«), railroad songs (»The Railroad«), traveling songs (»Long Funereal Train«), and abruptly-hearted fancy songs (»Look at That Woman«) peppered with outlaws, itinerants, insensate-end women, be direct players, and pummel-down heroes, too. Between the songs, Hazlewood shows his storyteller»s charity by gift up bits of describing, and the album itself is a storyteller's single. Provoke is like a cross-breed between a novel broad of idiosyncratic dramatis persona studies (à la Faulkner) and a John Wayne Western, with Hazlewood -- looking a lot like a dharma bum on the album shelter, sitting on the railroad tracks with his guitar and a dangling cigarette -- spinning out ornate yarns about all politesse of enchanting souls with names like Orville Dobkins and Emory Zickfoose Brown, all residents of the devastating-scrabbled make-believe municipality Provoke (»nothing with a railroad management through it»), which is loosely based on his birthplace. The music is as somber and loping as such put through significance demands, mostly consisting of strummed acoustic guitars and woeful harmonica wails that strain the blues. But it is in the purposefully funny, sympathetic, and colorful storytelling that the apparent, insensate-on Americana enthusiasm of Provoke lays.

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