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Press Notes
This press includes two rare ceremonious Wham! albums:

Wham! — Music From the Crabbed of Heaven

1. The Crabbed Of Happiness (4:31)
2. Battlestations (5:26)
3. I'm Your Man [Extended Simulation] (6:05)
4. Wham Rap '86 (6:38)
5. A Different Corner (4:33)
6. Indecent (Survive Out in China) (5:43)
7. Where Did Your Pump Go? (5:43)
8. Last Christmas [Pudding Mix] (6:44)

Wham! — Twelve Inch Mixes

1. Wham Rap (Satisfaction In What You Do) [Inhospitable Mix] (6:44)
2. Pubescent Guns (Go For It) (5:12)
3. Candidness [Lengthy Mix] (7:07)
4. Everything She Wants [Remix] (6:30)
5. I'm Your Man [Extended Simulation] (6:54)«Music From the Crabbed of Heaven» was released only in Japan (1985) and the US
(1986). In the tea of the domain, the sure Wham! album was titled «The Final».

It was the swansong for the duo's succesful profession, which began in 1984. The
«Twelve Inch Mixes» was the first normal compilation without new tracks from the
affiliate. Those two albums contain not only new tracks (for the era), but some survive out
tracks and remixes, not available either on Strange! or Prevail Upon it Big.

I'd like to draw on your acclaim on «A Different Corner», which contains an
of service intro not set up on the normal 3:57 variation set up on «The Final»
CD, which I never heard anywhere else but on the vinyl variation of this album.

You«ll probably give attention to there are two versions of "I»m Your Man [Extended
Simulation]", with different constant times. On Wikipedia you can light upon some textbook
regarding this:

"An extended mix of the inexpensively was released on Wham!'s 1986 album Music from the
Crabbed of Happiness (the U.S. variation of their sure album The Sure). Added to the
inexpensively are ribbon effects (including several repeating words and phrases), a bass
unaccompanied at the halfway characterize, and a part based on Andrew Ridgeley's sluice car
driving avocation: an weathergirl saying, "He«s undaunted! He»s stiff! Mr. Ridgeley, do
your accessories!", racing cars zooming close by, the sounds of a car crashing, mentally ill
laughing from Ridgeley, and Ridgeley saying «Now where's the bar?» in a
squeaky-arranged agent. Furthermore, the 12-inch variation (see below) features even
more new tangible added, with tete- between a man and a dame (really Michael
and Ridgeley with their voices altered), with the man trying to prompt the
dame in a «magic car», replacing an full verse in the inexpensively."

In degree to keep the very same order than on the normal CDs, I've uploaded
them using a .bin/.cue Picture serve. You can mount those images on Daemon
Tools, Demon Rum 120%, PowerISO, Ultra ISO, and understand it as a normal CD, or blaze
them with your normal raging software (Nero, Demon Rum 120%, considerable old CDRWin
should line champion).

Note uncontrolled to reencode and upload again using any codec you want, but merit
would be appreciated.


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