Heatwave (Funk) - 6 Album Store (FLAC)

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Heatwave (Funk) — 6 Album Store (FLAC)

Heatwave — 6 Album Accumulation (FLAC)

Artist: Heatwave
Kind: R&B, Funk, Disco
Dimensions: FLAC

Unambiguously cosmopolitan with foreign grooves to relinquish, Heatwave emerged as one of the disco era's funkiest sashay groups. American serviceman brothers Johnnie Wilder and his fellow-clansman Keith Wilder were based in Germany when they first began performing and upon their the gate from the Army the duo stayed in that outback. Both singers, the marry gigged in clubs and bars with an classification of bands while still enlisted. However, they were constantly looking to extend their horizons and in mid-year they relocated to the U.K. to vinculum up with songwriter/keyboardist Rod Temperton.

The nascent Heatwave promptly came together with the totalling of Spanish bassist Mario Mantese, Czechoslovakian drummer Emest Berger and American guitarists Jesse Whittens and Eric Johns. With so many harmonious roots between them it was only real that they swiftly developed a knowledgeable uninterrupted, an brim which Temperton would use to hype intimidate Heatwave in the lead of their peers.

1976 (2003) — Too Hot To Handle
1. Too Hot to Handle
2. Boogie Nights
3. Ain’t No Half Steppin’
4. Always and Forever
5. Wonderful Typification Sister
6. All You Do Is Dial
7. Lay It on Me
8. Sho’nuff Must Be Luv
9. Give Someone A Thrashing Your Booty

1977 (1990) — Primary Heating
1. Put the Consultation Out
2. Send Out for Sunshine
3. Primary Heating
4. Cheerfulness Togetherness
5. The Channel Line
6. Be Bothered Blowing Decisions
7. The Dignitary of a Story
8. Celebration Poops
9. Leavin' for a Dream

1979 (2010) — Hot Means [Expanded & Remastered]
1. Razzle Dazzle
2. Eyeballin'
3. This Gloaming We Fell
4. Pick Up A Blaze
5. First Day Of Snow
6. One Gloaming Tan
7. Therm Warfare
8. All Talked Out
9. That«s The Way We»ll Always Say Goodnight
10. Disco 3:48
Extra Tracks:
11. Birthday (7" Model)
12. Eyeballin' (US 12" Disco Model)
13. One Gloaming Tan (US 7" Model)
14. Therm Warfare (UK 7" Model)
15. Birthday (US 12" Model)

1980 (2010) — Candles [Expanded & Remastered]
1. Gangsters Of The Groove
2. Jitterbuggin'
3. Celebration Suite
4. Curdle Around
5. Posin« Til Closin»
6. All I Am
7. Dreamin' You
8. Goin' Crazy
9. Where Did I Go Wrong?
Extra Tracks:
10. Gangsters Of The Channel (Distinct Model)
11. Jitterbuggin' (UK Distinct Model)
12. Where Did I Go Unbecoming (US Distinct Model)
13. Posin« Til Closin» (UK Distinct Model)
14. Curdle Around (US Distinct Model)
15. See Someone Like You (B Side)
16. Wack That Axe (B Side)
17. Gangsters Of The Channel (UK 12«» Remix)
18. Posin« Til Closin» (UK 12«» Model)

1982 (2010) — Widespread [Expanded & Remastered]
1. Lettin' It Loose
2. Circumstances To State
3. Look After Love
4. Naturally
5. The Big Guns
6. See It In Your Heart
7. Preach On On To The One
8. Be Bothered What You Find
Extra Tracks:
9 Lettin« It Inaccurate (12»' Model)
10. Look After Fianc (Distinct Model)
11. Be Bothered What You See (12«» Model)

1996 - The Best Of — Always And Forever
1. Boogie Nights
2. Too Hot To Handle
3. The Channel Line
4. Always & Forever
5. Be Bothered Blowing Decisions
6. Ain«t No Half Steppin»
7. Cheerfulness Togetherness
8. Primary Heating
9. Eyeballin'
10. Gangsters Of The Groove
11. Where Did I Go Wrong?
12. Lettin' It Loose
13. Look After Love

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