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Mozart's Die Zauberflote

From the Queenlike Opera Lodgings, Covent Garden, Mary Majesty presents a advance of David McVicar«s acclaimed putting out of Die Zauberflote, with a star get rid of maroon including Christiane Karg, Pavol Breslik and Markus Werba. Pamina, the daughter of the Queen Nurse of the Dusk has been captured by Sarastro. On seeing a advise fully of her, Tamino resolves to let loose her, with only a wizardry flute, and a somewhat unhelpful birdcatcher called Papageno to help him. Mozart»s modern, keen singspiel combines the serious and the funny, with pantomime and Freemasonry thrown in for trustworthy into the bargain. Author and musicologist Gavin Plumley joins Mary to consult on this operatic composite, and what we know of the engagement conditions of the starting putting out in 1791.

Presented by Mary King

Tamino.....Pavol Breslik (Theme)

Pamina.....Christiane Karg (Soprano)

Papageno.....Markus Werba (Baritone)

Papagena.....Lauren Fagan (Soprano)

Queen Nurse of the Dusk.....Anna Siminska (Soprano)

Sarastro.....Georg Zeppenfeld (Bass)

Monostatos.....Colin Judson (Theme)

Tub-Thumper of the Sanctuary.....Robert Lloyd (Bass)

First Lady.....Sinead Mulhern (Soprano)

Second Lady.....Nadezhda Karyazina (Mezzo-soprano)

Third Lady.....Claudia Huckle (Mezzo-soprano)

First Boy.....Emerson Murphy (Treble)

Second Boy.....Harry Featherstonhaugh (Treble)

Third Boy.....Conor Quinn (Treble)

First Confessor.....Harry Nicoll (Theme)

Second Confessor.....Donald Maxwell (Baritone)

First Man in Armour.....Andrew Macnair (Theme)

Second Man in Armour.....James Platt (Bass)

Queenlike Opera Lodgings Orchestra

Queenlike Opera Lodgings Chorus

Cornelius Meister (Conductor).

Radio: 13 April 2015
Duration: 3 hours 15 minutes

Tamino is pursued by a wicked serpent and appeals to the gods to set free him. He falls numb. Three Ladies prosper and slay the hellishness. They delight in the goodly teen and betoken about who should go and tell their alternative other, the Queen Nurse of the Dusk, about him and who should blockage (Ich sollte fort?). They reluctantly reach they must all go. Tamino wakes, hears someone approaching and hides. It is Papageno, chasing birds and describing his way of life story (Der Vogelfänger bin ich ja). Tamino introduces himself to Papageno. Papageno is only too auspicious that Tamino has taken that it was he, Papageno, who killed the serpent. But the Ladies have overheard and, instead of the expected wine and bread, invite Papageno ditch-water, a stone and a padlock for his kisser. They also lead Tamino a these days: a dossier of the Queen’s daughter, Pamina. Tamino is enraptured by it and begins to move it in liking with Pamina (Dies Bildnis ist bezaubernd schön).
The Ladies reappear, saying that the Queen Nurse has chosen Tamino to let loose Pamina from the clutches of the damage Sarastro, who has abducted her. With a crash of yell, the Queen Nurse of the Dusk herself appears (O zitt’re nicht, mein lieber Sohn!). She says that if Tamino can let loose her dearest daughter, he may affiliate Pamina. When she has port side, Papageno returns, his kisser still padlocked. The Ladies invite him the Queen’s condonation and unlock him. Everyone draws the message: if liars were silenced, loyal liking would current (Bekämen doch die Lügner alle ein solches Schloss vor ihren Mund). The Ladies lead Tamino a wizardry flute, which will nurture him and which has the power to alter heartache to joy. They order Papageno, to his discompose, to convoy Tamino.
The Ladies lead Papageno wizardry bells for buffer and tell him and Tamino that Three Boys will manual them on their tour (Drei Knäbchen, jung, schön, propose und weise). Pamina is trying to get away from Monostatos. He orders that she be tied up, then sends his slaves away. Pamina faints. Papageno appears; having checked Pamina’s sameness against the dossier, he tells her of the prince her nurse has sent to let loose her. Papageno tells her that he has nobody. He and Pamina over that when man and missus are allied in liking, their lives are sanctified (Bei Männern, welche Liebe fühlen).
The Three Boys give up Tamino, him to be dependable, self-possessed and inactive. He sees three Sanctuary doors and, realizing he is in a sanctified recognize, reaffirms his vow to set free Pamina. Tamino approaches the Sanctuary of Justification only to be turned away by voices from in quod. The same happens when he goes to the Sanctuary of Complexion. But from the Sanctuary of Judiciousness there appears a confessor, the Tub-Thumper. He asks Tamino what has led him to this shrine, and Tamino replies that he has come in search of liking and actually. The Tub-Thumper reprimands Tamino for confusing these virtues with pay someone back in his and hatred and says that Tamino has been deceived over Sarastro.  
Alone, Tamino asks whether there is an end to the darkness that has befallen him. Voices from the Sanctuary tell Tamino that Pamina is lousy. Euphoric, he starts to misuse his flute: abnormal animals pleat mellow him – but Pamina does not come, in hatred of his calls.
Swiftly Tamino hears Papageno’s pan-pipe and rushes off to regard him. Papageno and Pamina come in, and are seized by Monostatos and his slaves. Papageno remembers his wizardry bells. As he plays them, the slaves become entranced and, with Monostatos, social propitiously away (Das klinget so herrlich). Fanfares publicize the migrant of Sarastro. Papageno is frightened but Pamina tells him to be unwavering. She tells Sarastro that she fled not from him but from Monostatos. Sarastro reassures her but says he cannot reappear her to her  nurse, whose egotism is beyond mercifulness.
Monostatos brings in Tamino. Recognizing each other, Tamino and Pamina cleave together, to Monostatos’s witch. Sarastro rewards Monostatos’s usage by sending him for a caning. Tamino and Papageno are led away to Sarastro’s shrine. The people applaud Sarastro’s judiciousness and claim that worth and mercifulness will rom cath ch beatify life story on mother earth (Wenn Tugend und Gerechtigkeit).
The Priests pleat and Sarastro tells them that Tamino wants to experience the ordeals that will allow him to become common-sense. Sarastro says that Pamina has been chosen as Tamino’s bride, and together the a handful of will go to bat for the set against the damage of the Queen Nurse of the Dusk. The Tub-Thumper enquires whether Tamino is even to the suffering, as he is a prince. Sarastro replies that he is more: he is a man.
The set calls on Isis and Osiris to lead the a handful of pluck to reach their ambition (O Isis und Osiris). Tamino and Papageno, blindfolded, are led in with their enlighten-priests. Papageno is frightened. The Priests examine their commitment to the trials to the fore. Papageno is halting until he is told that he will not otherwise regard a missus. The Priests lead prior notice Tamino and
Papageno of the temptations to the fore and the risks of deterioration and eschew them to quieten (Bewahret euch vor Weibertücken). The Priests give up and the Three Ladies appear. They ask why Tamino and Papageno are in this recognize of extirpation: the partner are opiate if they infringe the Queen Nurse of the Dusk. Papageno starts to touched by but Tamino silences him.
The Ladies try luscious them, but acquiesce conquer and die out. Papageno faints. The Priests reappear to foremost Tamino and Papageno to the next sample. Monostatos discovers Pamina asleep and resolves to sacking her. He asks the moon
to bring together its eyes while he kisses her (Alles fühlt der Liebe Freuden). He is stopped by the Queen Nurse of the Dusk, who asks her daughter where Tamino is. When Pamina replies that he has joined the set her nurse reveals her frankly programme: her with one foot in the grave gave up the sevenfold group of the sun to the set and she wants to regain its power (Der Hölle Rache). The Queen Nurse gives Pamina a to silence Sarastro.
Monostatos has overheard and threatens Pamina. Sarastro intervenes and sends Monostatos away. Pamina begs Sarastro to skimpy her nurse. He explains that in his dedicated halls it is liking, not furiously, that overcomes damage (In diesen heil’gen Hallen). The Priests give up Tamino and  Papageno, them to persist inactive. Papageno says he is burning. An old abigail brings him bumper and he forgets his vow of quieten: he chats to her and she tells him she is 18 and that her boyfriend is Papageno.
The Three Boys invite Sarastro’s capacity of provisions and bumper and the wizardry flute and bells (Seid uns zum zweiten Mal willkommen). As Papageno eats, Tamino plays the flute, and Pamina answers its invitation. Cock-A-Hoop, she tries to talk to him, but he turns away. His brush-off of her is worse than extirpation (Ach, ich fühl’s). The Priests applaud Tamino’s virtues in a hymn to Isis and Osiris. Sarastro brings Pamina to him and tells the a handful of to bid each other a last departure before the greater trials to the fore.
Tamino is positive but Pamina is fearful; Sarastro reassures them. They give up. Papageno runs in, looking for Tamino. Voices tell him to go away. The Priests tell Papageno he will never reach enlightenment, and they these days his one call for: for a bumper. To the accompaniment of his bells he says that all he really wants is a missus (Ein Mädchen oder Weibchen). The old abigail dances in and says unless he marries her he will be locked up. When he swears he will be unwavering to her she is transformed into Papagena, but sent away.
The Three Boys welcome the rising sun, which banishes darkness and extirpation. They see the affliction-stricken Pamina, who is clutching her mother’s , vowing to silence herself. The boys prohibition her and encourage her of Tamino’s liking. Confiding them, Pamina allows the Boys to foremost her to him. Two Men in Armour look after the access to the recognize of sample. They recapitulate to Tamino the words inscribed there: the man who treads this threatening plan will be purified by , ditch-water, air and mother earth. Tamino asks to be let in. Pamina’s vote is heard, saying she will go with him. Tamino is cock-a-hoop: even extirpation cannot split them now. Pamina rushes in (Tamino mein! o welch ein Glück). She tells Tamino to misuse the flute, which her priest, in a wizardry hour of brutal storms, carved from an prehistoric tree. Together they antiquated through the trials of and ditch-water. Voices from the Sanctuary applaud their overwhelm and welcome the a handful of in quod.
Papageno is searching for Papagena but there is no response to his pipes. In miserableness, he prepares to hang in there listen carefully himself. The Three Boys prohibition him and cue him of the bells. Their wizardry summons Papagena, and she and Papageno programme their prospective, which they foresee will be blessed with many children. Monostatos leads the Queen Nurse of the Dusk and her Ladies to dissolve Sarastro. The Queen Nurse has promised Pamina to Monostatos. But the sun shines brightly, banishing the forces of damage to illimitable darkness.  Sarastro, with Tamino and Pamina, proclaims the sun’s overwhelm over the dusk. Everyone sings a hymn of thanks to Isis and Osiris: worth has been rewarded (Heil sei euch Geweihten!). 

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