Otis Redding - The Doc of the Bay [24.192] HDtracks

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Otis Redding — The Heal of the Bay [HD Tracks] 24.192

Style: Arsis and Blues
Type: Soul
Originator: 2012 ATCO Records HD Tracks
Codec: FLAC
Bitrate: ~ 5,400 kbps
Bit Profundity: 24
Representative Position: 192 kHz

01 (Sittin' On) The Heal of the Bay
02 Lover You More Than Words Can Say
03 Let Me Come On Home
04 Out the Door
05 Don't Muck Up C Dirty with Cupid
06 The Celebrity of Love
07 I'm Coming Home Ground to See About You
08 Tramp
09 The Huckle-Buck
10 Nobody Knows You (When You're Down and Out)
11 Ole Man Discommode

It was never expected to be like this: «(Sittin' on) The Heal of the Bay» was expected to triumph a inception of a new usher in in Otis Redding«s employment, not an ending. Producer/guitarist Steve Cropper had a critical duty to effect in pulling together this album, the first of several posthumous releases issued by Stax/Volt in the wake of Otis Redding»s destruction. What could have been a ready-in application or a homicidal monument album instead became a clear, stimulating unveiling of some key aspects of the endowment that was adrift when Redding died. Heal of the Bay is, indeed, a adulterated bag of singles and B-sides going uphold to July of 1965, one hit duet with Carla Thomas, and a double of a while ago unissued tracks from 1966 and 1967, respectively. There«s little cohesion, stylistic or otherwise, in the songs, especially when the appellation catch is taken into tip -- nothing else here resembles it, for the unmistakable mind that Redding never had a turn to accept it up. Despite the mix-and-resemble type of the album, however, this is an hopeless write down not to lover. Cropper chose his tracks well, selecting some of the strongest and most atypical among the belatedly singer»s orphaned songs: «I Lover You More Than Words Can Say» is one of Redding«s most contentious performances; «Let Me Come on Home» presents an buoyant Otis Redding accompanied by some watchfully playing; and «Don»t Muck Up C Dirty With Cupid» begins with a neat guitar bourgeon and blooms into an fierce, pounding, soaring showcase for crooner and combo unite similar to one another. No one could lament about the album then, and it still holds more than four decades later.

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