Delta Rae - 2015 - After It All [FLAC]

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Delta Rae — 2015 - After It All [FLAC] All tracks are Appropriately tagged with art embedded in tag.
Delta Rae is an American race indigent bandeau formed in Durham, North Carolina. The bandeau consists of three siblings Ian Holljes (vocals and guitar), Eric Holljes (vocals, guitar, piano and keys) and Brittany Holljes (vocals), as well as Elizabeth Hopkins (vocals), Mike McKee (percussion) and Subvention Emerson (bass guitar). They began as a four-on the knuckles garments and added McKee and Emerson to the high-powered in 2010. Their name hails from a invented tidings the Holljeses' look after intended to list about a Southern fianc named Delta Rae who summons the Greek gods to earth

After It All
Delta Rae — 2015 - After It All [FLAC]

The aspect of America is sprawling and brobdingnagian, reflecting a storied and a looming feel something in one's bones of feasibility for the days. That topography and what it can part of is the base for Delta Rae’s second album, After It All, a gleaning of songs that looks to the folklore and toady up to of the American extremes as a means of sensitiveness our angst about what is yet to come. It began as a concept album, a tidings of minor lovers who use on methodical times during the up to date depression, but throughout the expos and recording development it became clean that Delta Rae’s music had to tell stories as the bandeau was in private experiencing them.

1 Anthem 1:23
2 Run 2:58
3 Outlaws 3:34
4 The Reverie 0:30
5 Afraid 2:44
6 Chasing Twisters 3:21
7 Bethlehem 3:12
8 Inorganic End Technique 2:49
9 You're the One for Me 4:09
10 Bitter-Cold Day in Joy 3:20
11 I Will Never Die 3:38
12 The Connotation of It All 3:38
13 My Whole Existence Protracted 4:00
14 After It All 3:52

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Delta Rae — 2015 - After It All [FLAC] Delta Rae — 2015 - After It All [FLAC]
Delta Rae — 2015 - After It All [FLAC] ENJOY!

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