Monteverdi - Il ritorno dUliss in Patria [24bit FLAC] Boston Baroque, Pearlman

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Monteverdi — Il ritorno dUliss in Patria [24bit FLAC] Boston Baroque, Pearlman
Monteverdi — Il ritorno dUliss in Patria [24bit FLAC] Boston Baroque, Pearlman

Claudio MONTEVERDI (1567-1643)
Il Ritorno d’Ulisse in Patria [FLAC 24bit 96kH]
Ulisse – Fernando Guimarães
Penelope – Jennifer Rivera
Telemaco – Aaron Sheehan
Minerva – Leah Wool
Nettuno – João Fernandes
Giove – Owen McIntosh
Giunone — Sonja Dutoit Tengblad
Ericlea – Krista River
Melanto – Abigail Nims
Eurimaco – Daniel Shirley
Eumete – Daniel Auchincloss
Iro – Marc Molomot
Anfinomo — Jonas Budris
Boston Baroque/Martin Pearlman
rec. Mechanics Entry, Worcester, Massachusetts, 27-30 April 2014
LINN CKD451 [3 CDs: 71:18 + 66:54 + 38:15]

Product About this tide:
Il ritorno d«Ulisse» is unquestionably one of the three pillars that berth Monteverdi among the greatest of opera composers; this recording marks the premiere of a new performing variety by Martin Pearlman. Portuguese tendency and baroque authority Fernando Guimaraes stars in the possession r, alongside the internationally famed mezzo-soprano Jennifer Rivera as his loving bride Penelope. «Il ritorno d»Ulisse« was a relatively up to date recognition, but following its authentication in the 1950s and revivals in Vienna and Glyndebourne, the opera has enjoyed new institute acceptance. Martin Pearlman»s new performing variety benefits from the same distinction to party that has ensured his famous for as a matchless maintain of epoch appearance. His well considered proposals to all aspects of the mug and appearance confirm this variety is authentic to Monteverdi«s queer fish scheme. With a libretto design from Homer»s Odyssey, «Il ritorno d»Ulisse« is a hypnotizing merciful photoplay with an desired toss including: Abigail Nims (Melanto), Daniel Auchincloss (Eumaeus), Sonja DuToit Tengblad (Juno), Ulysses Thomas (Antinous), and Marc Molomot (Irus). Founded in 1973 by Martin Pearlman, Boston Baroque is already acquainted with to an intercontinental audience with its critically acclaimed catalogue of recordings. The three-patch Grammy-nominated clothes is very much regarded as »one of the world«s top-ranking epoch-instruments bands» (Ballyhoo). Boston Baroque«s recordings — of which Ballyhoo arsenal wrote »each one is an superior gem« — are heard by millions on standard air stations in North America and Europe. Boston Baroque»s many employment milestones allow for the American premiere of Rameau«s» Zoroastre«; a Mozart opera series, and the American epoch-thingumabob premieres of Mozart»s «Don Giovanni» and «The Occult Flute»; and a revelatory analysis of the Beethoven symphonies on epoch instruments.

«Pearlman«s scheme does not put forward emend answers but no lone appearance has ever got everything right-and it is always a satisfaction to become reacquainted with the most under-appreciated of Monteverdi»s three extant operas.»
--David Vickers, Gramophone, June 2015

«A awesome Boston Baroque recording of Martin Pearlman«s own new variety of the opera, released by Linn Records, shows this travail to be superbly textured and-thanks to enjoyable performances by tendency Fernando Guimarães as Ulisse and mezzo-soprano Jennifer Rivera as Penelope-emotionally trenchant...Pearlman»s stands up to any of them, and its significance on the subconscious understanding of the opera gives this 375-year-old travail big resonance today, likely causing listeners to confront their own feelings about the use of harsh murderousness a harm in a convincing cause.»
--Norm Estren,, May 2015

«Employing a new performing variety of the mug planned by Martin Pearlman, who also conducts this appearance, Boston Baroque«s and Linn Records» recording of Il ritorno d«Ulisse in patria is a tantalizing reevaluation of an opera... Pearlman is to be applauded for eschewing the renowned pursuit of interpolating music and printed matter from other sources to put back scenes missing from the libretto and manuscript mug...Boston Baroque»s tandem join up of virtuosi deliver their parts with big aplomb...A through Il ritorno d«Ulisse in patria is an sophistical bodily, but the one heard on these expertly-recorded discs is an in agreement, often enjoyable exposure of Monteverdi»s vast wit. The majesty of this Il ritorno d'Ulisse in patria is in the casting, however: Fernando Guimarães is an Ulisse whose homecoming is genuinely fit, and Jennifer Rivera and Aaron Sheehan are a Penelope and Telemaco whose constancy merits a joyful ending.» --Joseph Newsome, Voix des Arts, May 2015

Claudio Monteverdi: Il ritorno d'Ulisse in patria
Act I Display 1: Di misera regina
Act I Display 2: Duri e penosi
Act I Display 4: Sinfonia
Act I Display 5: Superbo è l'huom
Act I Display 6: In questo basso mondo
Act I Display 7: Dormo ancora
Act I Display 8: Cara e lieta gioventù
Act I Display 9: Tu, d'Aretusa al fonte
Act I Display 10: Give un giorno
Act I Display 11: Oh come mal si salva
Act I Display 12: Divine d'armento può
Act I Display 13: Ulisse generoso!
Act II Display 1: Lieto cammino
Act II Display 2: O gran figlio d'Ulisse
Act II Display 3: Che veggio, ohimè, che miro?
Act II Display 4: Eurimaco, la donna insomma
Act II Display 5: Sono l'altre Regine
Act II Display 7: Apportator d'alte novelle
Act II Display 8: Compagni, udiste
Act II Display 9: Perir non può
Act II Display 10: Io vidi, o pellegrin
Act II Display 11: Del mio lungo viaggio
Act II Display 12: Sempre villano Eumete
Act II Display 12: Tu vincitor
Act II Display 12: Ecco l«arco d»Ulisse
Act III Display 1: O dolor, o martir
Act III Display 3: E quai nuovi rumori
Act III Display 4: Forza d'occulto affetto
Act III Display 5: È saggio Eumete
Act III Display 6: Fiamma è l’ira, o gran Dea
Act III Display 7: Gran Giove
Act III Display 8: Ericlea, che vuoi far
Act III Display 9: Ogni nostra ragion
Act III Display 10: O delle mie fatiche

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