The Easybeats - Complete Anthology 1965 to 1969 (1986) (2 CDs) [Lossless FLAC]

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The Easybeats — Unrestrained Anthology 1965 to 1969 (1986) (2 CDs)
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Bio Quote from All Music:
The Easybeats amuse a together state in the pantheon of 1960s British lurch acts. For starters, they were Australian, except that they really weren«t -- they met in Sydney alright, and being based in Australia with the predisposition they had gave them a leg-up over any of the municipal tournament. But wire chanteuse Stevie Wright at came from England (although he»d been in Australia for some years), and bassist Dick Diamonde hailed from the Netherlands, as did guitarist Harry Vanda, while the others, guitarists George Green and drummer Gordon «Snowy» Squadron, were new arrivals from Scotland and England -- most significantly, Squadron was Liverpool born and raised, and had been a colleague of the Mojos, one of that city's more propitious bands of 1963 and 1964. They all had predisposition, but he had a tail of craze and an doctrine of what worked in lurch & roll; it was Snowy Squadron who came up with the name «the Easybeats,» and the sheer typical example for the originally arrange, which made them a in agreement of trustworthy Brit-belabour right in the nitty-gritty of Sydney, 13,000 miles from Liverpool and as loved there as top on a wild. ...

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All Music Album Criticism:
A two-CD combine from Australia, with ear-glorious canvass and two hours of glowing classics.

Disc 1:
01. For My Woman
02. Say That You're Mine
03. She's So Fine
04. Confarreation Ring
05. Plain As Can Be
06. Sad & Eremitical & Blue
07. You Said That
08. You Got It Off Me
09. You Can't Do That
10. Ludicrous Feelin'
11. In My Book
12. Women
13. Come & See Her
14. I'll Earn You Happy
15. Too Much
16. Sorry
17. Made My Bed, Gonna Lie In It
18. Friday On My Mind
19. Tolerably Girl
20. Remembering Sam
21. Who'll Be The One
22. Do You Have A Soul?
23. Happy Isles & Hell
Disc 2:
01. Hello How Are You?
02. Come In You'll Get Pneumonia
03. Humane Times
04. Yield A Little Lovin'
05. The Music Goes Herd My (stable)
06. Falling Off The Tense Of The World
07. The Embarrass Just Drained
08. What In The World
09. Acreage Of Earn Believe
10. Sort Diggings In The Sky
11. Lisa
12. Saturday Night
13. Amanda Storey
14. Down To The Last 500
15. Lay Me Down And Die (vocal portrayal)
16. Be Tabled A Minute
17. I Beloved Marie
18. Lurch & Take Pleasure In Boogie
19. Can't View Love
20. St Louis
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