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Fill Out Accumulation: FLAC Compression 6
Cd recorder: Plextor PX — 716SA
Cd Ripper: Faultless Audio Reproduction V0.99 prebeta 4
EAC Log: Yes
EAC Cue Expanse: Yes
Outburst Mixture: 176C1DF3F4E60DBAF04AF8E07404AF9ADD227F09
Fill Out Magnitude: 514.37 Mb
Years: Ghosts That Torment Me 1991, God Shuffled His Feet 1993
Mark: BMG/Arista
Catalog #: Ghosts That Torment Me ARCD — 8677; God Shuffled His Feet 74321-16531-2

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From Wiki:

The Bang Check Up On Dummies are a Canadian ethnic order-shock order from Winnipeg, Manitoba, in fashion in the beginning 1990s.

In many ways, the fount of Bang Check Up On Dummies is tied to the account of two Winnipeg nightspots, the Spectrum Amusement and the Indecent Note Cafe, owned by Curtis Riddell.

In the mid — 1980s, Riddell joined with Brad Roberts to turn out the decidedly less-than-serious bar bunch Bad Brad Roberts and the St. James Music Downbeat Pigs. Over continually, the bunch evolved into the Bang Check Up On Dummies, a name suggested by a boon companion of the bunch in medical faction. Ellen Reid and Benjamin Darvill became enduring additions. George West, the fresh bass virtuoso, decamp and was replaced by Dan Roberts, Brad's pal. Riddell was replaced by Vince Lambert, who later leftist, replaced by Mitch Dorge around the continually of the loosing of The Ghosts that Torment Me.

After signing with BMG records the bunch signed with administrator Jeff Rogers (Swell).

Bang Check Up On Dummies first began to acquire commercial sensation in Canada with the loosing of The Ghosts that Torment Me in 1991. The album in the end reached sales of 400,000 in Canada, large due to the astonishing regard of the smash hit take «Superman's Number Cheaply,» which earned the Dummies the 1991 Juno Endowment for Order of the Year.

However, the Dummies did not be paid much supranational attention until the 1993 loosing of their second album, God Shuffled His Feet. Particularly accessory in increasing CTD's unmasking in the U.S. call was the demeanour of a new accumulation of broadcast design: grown-up album-oriented alternate shock (AAA). These stations put the first take «Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm» in great rotation, and the number cheaply peaked at #4 in the US Hot 100. «Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm» did even better in the UK, where it was a #2 hit, and Australia, where it peaked at #1.

Ironically, in their ethnic Canada, the Dummies' «Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm» was a comparative let-down on the charts, only peaking at #14. However, two other songs from the album went top 10 in Canada: «Swimming In Your Ocean» and «Afternoons & Coffeespoons». This latter mislay was also a top 40 hit in Australia and the UK, and hit the put down piece of the US Hot 100. The consequence was that by mid — 1994, the album had passed the platinum sales trace in the U.S. (one million), and had also earned the Dummies three Grammy nominations and three more Juno nominations. To dated, God Shuffled His Feet has sold more than five and a half million copies worldwide.

In January 1995, the bunch released «The Ballad of Peter Pumpkinhead» (a counterbalance of XTC's 1992 mislay) as a take and on the soundtrack of the Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels comedy Taciturn and Dumber. The take, credited to The Bang Check Up On Dummies and Ellen Reid, charted at No. 30 in the UK singles plan and was a #4 hit in Canada.

In 1996, the Dummies« third album, A Worm»s Viability, was released to confused censorious and mollify commercial sensation. The guitar-compact singles were furiously received in some markets (actress take «He Liked To Fancy It» hit #2 in Canada), but internationally nothing matched the refugee sensation of either «Superman's Song» or «Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm». Still, the album went platinum in Canada in less than one month.

Forgo Yourself A Authority, the Dummies' fourth album, was released Cortege 23, 1999. The album showcased a new normal for the Dummies, as it featured Ellen Reid singing actress vocals on three tracks, and Brad Roberts singing in a falsetto on several others. The whole normal of the album was much more electronic than the aforesaid recordings. Once again, the actress take («Keep A Lid On Things» ) was a top 10 hit in Canada.

During a hiatus between albums, Benjamin Darvill became the first Idiot to loosing individual solid. Under the name Son Of Dave, Darvill first brought out the album B. Darvill«s Tempestuous West Authenticate, followed with 01, both released on Benjamin»s own mark, Brawny Records.

The Ghosts that Torment Me

The Ghosts That Torment Me is the 1991 appear album by Bang Check Up On Dummies. It featured their hit «Superman's Song».

The artwork featured on the counterbalance is by 19th century illustrator Gustav Doré and is from «The Rime of the Ageing Mariner» by Samuel Taylor Coleridge.


1. «Winter Song»
2. «Comin« Rearwards Soon (The Bereft Man»s Number Cheaply)»
3. «Superman's Song»
4. «The Woods Life»
5. «Here on Soil (I'll Have My Dry)»
6. «The Ghosts That Torment Me»
7. «Thick-Necked Man» (Benjamin Darvill)
8. «Androgynous» (Paul Westerberg)
9. «The Voyage»
10. «At My Funeral»

God Shuffled his Feet

God Shuffled His Feet is the second album by the Bang Check Up On Dummies, released in 1993. It features their most in fashion take, «Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm.» The counterbalance art superimposes the bunch members« faces over the figures of Titian»s painting Bacchus and Ariadne and has been considered one of the most outr album portraits of all continually. It was their most celebrated album commercially, charting at #9 in the U.S. charts, as well as #1 in the UK charts.


1. «God Shuffled His Feet» — 5:10
2. «Afternoons & Coffeespoons» — 3:56
3. «Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm» — 3:55
4. «In the Days of the Caveman» — 3:41
5. «Swimming in Your Ocean» — 3:49
6. «Here I Philosophy Before Me» — 3:07
7. «I Think I'll Die Out Now» — 4:52
8. «How Does a Immerse Know?» — 3:42
9. «When I Go Out with Artists» — 3:44
10. «The Psychic» — 3:48
11. «Two Knights and Maidens» — 3:25
12. «Untitled» — 1:43

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