Nine Inch Nails and David Bowie - Hartford '95 (FLAC) [tntvil

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Nine Inch Nails and David Bowie — Hartford '95 (FLAC) [tntvillage]

Hartford, CT
Meadows Music Theatre
September 14, 1995


Rent Team Up: Pinch (not recorded)

Nine Inch Nails set:

1 Formidable Lie
2 Walk Of The Pigs
3 The Becoming (launch exhibit)
4 Sanctified
5 Piggy (Nothing Can Stopping Up Me Now) (launch exhibit of this adaptation)
6 Burn
7 Closer To God (launch exhibit of this adaptation)
8 Wish
9 Gave Up
10 Down In It
11 Eraser (utilitarian) (launch exhibit of this adaptation)

Nine Inch Nails and David Bowie together:

12 Subterraneans
13 Hair-Raising Monsters
14 Reptile
15 Hallo Spaceboy (launch exhibit)
16 Hurt

David Bowie setlist:

17 The Voyeur of Utter Havoc (As Asset) (launch exhibit)
18 The Heart's Disgusting Tutoring (launch exhibit)
19 Breaking Glass
20 I'm Irrational (launch exhibit)
21 A Diminished Allotment of Acreage (launch exhibit)
22 Joe the Lion
23 I Have Not Been to Oxford Community (launch exhibit)
24 Outside (launch exhibit)
25 We Pinch You (launch exhibit)
26 Rise They Say
27 Andy Warhol
28 The Man Who Sold the World
29 Teenage Wildlife
30 My Death
31 Nite Flights

Add Up To Together: 2:34:18

The David Bowie percentage of this disclose is available on the sterling pressed bootleg «A Hyper Circle» and the more rare NIN percentage on something called «Closer to Trent»Whether this was an verified sterling boot is unidentified
since I cannot twig any artwork or verified people who have it.

These recordings are from the same DAT(?) source
since the overlapping portions of the disclose have indistinguishable cram ballyhoo and probe floor fluctuations. This is NOT sourced from a video.

«A Hyper Circle» is sourced from the boot, but the NIN percentage came without survive info and has a somewhat worse probe eminence. Tracks 1-10 from «Closer to Trent» and tracks 11-31 from «A Hyper Cirlce».

Apart from the recording starting during first verse of Formidable Lie, there is only one diminished gap between the two recordings. Because «Closer to Trent» skips Eraser and «A Hyper Circle» starts at the begining of Eraser, the cram cheering after Down In It is cut.

99.71% CDDA confirmed lossless by Audiochecker_beta_2.0.0.457

Thanks to the initial taper.

assembled and uploaded to Dimeadozen by gladcarrot on February 20th 2009

Many thanks to gladcarrot for having uploaded this recording to Dime. I renamed tracks and added tags (in additionally to editing the info document), so this outpouring hasn't the same info mishmash as the one times shared. All I have to say is that this is an But (IMO) Audience Recording, even if not as benign as some others like Camden, with the NIN percentage sounding somewhat worse (as said by gladcarrot).

Uploaded to Sense-Wrench PaVilion by TheManWhoSoldTheWorld on January 1st, 2010

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