Matisyahu - Dismount Attack (2009) [Lossless/FLAC]

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Includes: Log/Cue

Matisyahu had been working on his third album for nearly two years, making it the longest stretch he has ever used up making a catalogue. The aficionado of-up to Pubescence had been delayed several times before its save. First scheduled for initial 2008, Jovial was pushed move backwards withdraw from numerous times because Matisyahu continued to jaunt off and on since the save of Pubescence. The new album«s save boy was set for April 21, 2009, but on Pace 3, the save boy was pushed move backwards withdraw from to May 12, 2009. Then, once again, he pushed the save move backwards withdraw from, this stretch to Summer 2009, patently because Matisyahu asseverative to catalogue more new songs. That boy had already passed, and in a communication from Matisyahu on Cheep the album is due to save on August 25th. On May 27th, Matisyahu»s FaceBook stage stated that the album was going to come out on August 25th. On June 23rd Jovial was made available for preorder on iTunes, with the one «One Day» available for download at the same stretch. In Due Course, the ceremonious save boy of August 25 was settled on, and stands, imminent unlooked-for setbacks.

01. Smash Lies

02. We Will Walk

03. One Day (New Album Idea)

04. Escape

05. So Hi So Lo

06. I Will Be Light

07. For You

08. On Nature

09. Motivate

10. Struggla

11. Darkness Into Light

12. Thunder

13. Silence

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