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Jim Entry-Way Trilogy Accomplishment. Tom Harrell — These Rooms

Artist:Jim Entry-Way — Tom Harrell

Possession:These Rooms


Plan: CD 1

Rural Area: Japan

Recorded at Magus Balanced, New York Big Apple on February 9-10, 1988

Class: Jazz

Line: Support Bop, Modish Jazz, Modal

Horse's Mouth: Earliest CD

Extractor: EAC 0.99 prebeta 4

Infer From modus operandi : Secure

Utilize nice succession : Yes

Balk audio reserve : Yes

Appear use of C2 pointers : No

Codec: Flac 1.2.1; Height 8

Unwed Categorize.flac, Eac.log,

Categorize.cue Multiple wav categorize with Gaps (Noncompliant)

Accurately ripped (assurance 6)

Magnitude Succession: 313 Mb

Travel Over Included


1 With A Air In My Empathy 8:22 Written-By — R. Rodgers — L. Hart

2 Touchy Court 5:11 written-By — J. Hall

3 Something Tells Me 5:10 Written-By — J. Hall

4 Bimini 9:19 Written-By — J. Hall

5 All Too Soon 4:00 Written-By — C. Sigman , D. Ellington

6 These Rooms 11:25 Written-By — J. Hall

7 Darn That Hallucination 4:03 Written-By — E.D. Lange, J. Van Heusen

8 My Remarkable Valentine 6:22 Written-By — R. Rodgers — L. Hart

9 Where Or When 5:49 Written-By — R. Rodgers — L. Hart

10 From Now On 7:04 Written-By — T. Harrell


Guitar — Jim Hall

Flugelhorn — Tom Harrell (tracks: 1 to 5, 7 to 10)

Trumpet — Tom Harrell (tracks: 6)

Bass — Steve LaSpina

Drums — Joey Baron



http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oA — 5Yq18QWo


James Stanley Entry-Way (born December 4, 1930, Buffalo, New York) is an American Jazz guitarist

Scholarly at the Cleveland of Music, Entry-Way moved to Los Angeles where he began to fascinate popular, and then ecumenical, regard in the tardily 1950s. There he wilful outstanding guitar with Vincente Gómez.

He played with Chico Hamilton Quintet, (1955–1956), Jimmy Giuffre Trilogy (1956–1959), Ella Fitzgerald (1960–1961), Ben Webster, Hampton Hawes, Bob Brookmeyer, John Lewis, Zoot Sims, Paul Desmond, Lee Konitz and Restaurant Check Evans. By 1960 Jim had arrived in New York to employment with Sonny Rollins and Art Agronomist, among others. His tangible and recorded collaborations there with Restaurant Check Evans, Paul Desmond and Ron Carter have become legendary.

Formal awareness as a composer came in 1997, when Entry-Way won the New York Jazz Critics Society Assign for Best Jazz Composer/Arranger. His pieces for be in the driver«s seat, effrontery, and vocal ensembles can be heard on his Textures and By Groundwork recordings. His earliest story, Quartet Plus Four, a gather for jazz quartet augmented by the Zapolski be in the driver»s seat quartet, was debuted in Denmark during the concert and rite where he was awarded the coveted Jazzpar Accolade, and later released on CD.

His most tardily-model jumbo-proportion story was a concerto for guitar and orchestra, commissioned by Towson University in Maryland for The First Terra Guitar Congress, which was debuted in June 2004 with the Baltimore Symphony. He was awarded an NEA Jazz Masters Intimacy assign in January 2004. In November, 2008 the bent over-disc album Hemispheres was released through the ArtistShare description featuring guy guitarist and former disciple Restaurant Check Frisell with Scott Colley (bass) and Joey Baron (drums).


This 1988 studio stage is one of the overlooked treasures in the sizeable discography of Jim Entry-Way, by any means due to the label«s low-key strengthening and less than eye-transmittable travel over art. It is lenient why to catch on to why artists like Art Agronomist and Paul Desmond omitted a pianist after hearing a publish such as this one, because it would only tangle Hall»s declining yet concluded accompaniment. Joined by Tom Harrell (heard mostly on fluegelhorn), bassist Steve LaSpina, and drummer Joey Baron, this CD is a thrill from start to put an end to. The interaction of the musicians in the opener, a invigorate, waltzing «With a Air in My Empathy,» makes it balanced like they have been a working section for years. The well-conceived groundwork of «Where or When,» which Entry-Way dedicated to Basie guitarist Freddie Immature (who died the year previous to to the sessions), proves to be the most captivating oversee, with its basic yet consummately air. Entry-Way contributed the highly-strung «Cross Court,» a smoking support-bop instrument, a pulsing calypso written at for his 1985 Montreux concert with Michel Petrucciani and Wayne Shorter, as well as the haunting ballad «These Rooms,» which opens with Harrell«s unattended trumpet on one»s own, and has an theoretical on one«s own by the chief. «Something Tells Me» is a pulchritudinous bittersweet ballad by Jane Entry-Way (Jim»s better half, a accomplished composer whose employment he has often recorded), featuring Entry-Way and Harrell. Hall«s unattended take of Duke Ellington»s «All Too Soon» makes one wonder why he has never recorded a unmixed CD of guitar solos. This out of choice of words CD is predetermined to become a collectible.

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