Steve Forbert - Discography (1978-2015) FLAC

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Steve Forbert — Discography (1978-2015) FLAC
Steve Forbert — Discography (1978-2015) FLAC Steve Forbert — Discography (1978-2015) FLAC

Steve Forbert — Discography (1978-2015) FLAC

: Discography / Discography
Artist: Steve Forbert
Year: 1978-2015
Character: Race, Americana, poprock
Territory: Common States
Composition / Codec: flac
Audio Bitrate: lossless
Duration: 14:04:50

Steve Forbert — Discography (1978-2015) FLAC
Steve Forbert — Discography (1978-2015) FLACSteve Forbert — Discography (1978-2015) FLAC
Steve Forbert — Discography (1978-2015) FLAC

1978 - Bustling On Arrival
: 00:37:27
01.Goin' Down To Laurel
02.Steve Forbert«s Midsummer Night»s Toast
04.What Kinda Guy
05.It Isn't Gonna Be That Way
06.Big See Cat
07.Grand Medial Position, Tread 18, 1977
08.Tonight I Sense So Far Away From Home
09.Settle Down
10.You Cannot Win If You Do Not Play

1979 - Jackrabbit Slim
: 00:42:28
01.Romeo's Tune
02.The Accommodating Preference That You Over (Sure Goes A Desire, Desire Way)
03.I'm In Preference With You
04.Say Goodbye To Little Jo
06.Invent It All So Real
09.Sadly Sorta Like A Soap Opera
10.January 23-30, 1978

1980 - Little Stevie Orbit
: 00:43:43
01.Get Well Soon
02.Cellophane City
03.Song For Carmelita
04.Laughter Lou (Who Needs You)
05.Song For Karina
06.One More Looking-Glass of Beer
09.I'm An Automobile
11.If You«ve Gotta Ask you»ll Never Know
12.Forsaken Girl
13.A Visitor

1988 - Streets Of This Town
: 00:38:20
01.Constant On Love
02.Don't Tell Me (I Know)
03.I Blinked Once
05.As We Actual And Breathe
06.On The Streets Of This Town
07.Hope, Sureness And Love
08.Perfect Stranger
09.Wait A Little Longer
10.Search Your Heart

1991 - The American In Me
: 00:34:03
01.Born Too Late
02.If You're Waiting On Me
04.When The Sun Shines
05.The American In Me
06.Baby Don't
07.Replacement In The Weather
08.You Cannot Win 'Em All
09.Broken-Down While I Can Rock
10.New Working Day

1993 - What Kinda Guy (Best Of)
: 01:17:06
01.What Kinda Guy
02.Romeo's Tune
03.Ya Ya (Next To Me)
04.Cellophane City
05.Song For Katrina
06.The Accommodating Preference That You Over (Sure Goes A Desire Long Way)
07.I'm In Preference With You
09.You Cannot Win If You Do Not Play
11.Goin' Down To Laurel
12.January 23-30, 1978
13.Get Well Soon
15.Samson And Delilah's Loveliness Shop
16.The Oil Song
17.Listen To Me
18.Steve Forbert«s Midsummer Night»s Toast
19.It Isn't Gonna Be That Way

1995 - Duty of the Crossroad Palms
: 00:40:07
01.It Sure Was Better Disavow Then
02.It Is What It Is (And That's All)
03.Is It Any Wonder.flac
04.Lay Down Your Knocked Out Pitch Again
05.So Honourable To Sense Honourable Again
06.Oh, To Be Disavow With You
07.Real Actual Preference.flac
08.The Inconvenience With Angels
09.How Can You Replacement The World
10.Don't Talk To Me
11.The Last Rays Of Sunlight)
12.Thirteen Blood Red Rosebuds

1996 - Rocking Horse Head
: 00:44:00
01.If I Want You Now
02.My Pass Ain't Long
03.Shaky Ground
04.Dear Lord
05.Moon Man (I'm Waiting On You)
06.Don't Stop
07.Some Will Rake The Coals
08.I Know What I Know
09.Honourable Planets Are Persistent To Find
10.Big New World
11.Open House
12.Illusion & Dream

1999 - Evergreen Boy
: 00:44:27
01.Something's Got A Leverage On Me
02.She's Living In A Illusion World
04.Evergreen Boy
05.Rose Marie
06.Now You Come Back
07.Your Own Hero
08.Late Winter Song
09.Breaking Through
10.It Doesn't Dilemma Much
11.Listen To The Mockingbird
12.Trusting Old Soul

2001 - «Any Old Time» (Songs of Jimmie Rodgers)
: 00:38:22
01.Waiting On A Train
02.My Melancholy Eyed Jane
03.Why Should I Be Lonely
04.Any Old Time
05.Ben Dewberry's Incontrovertible Run
06.Slip-Up the Mississippi And You
07.Melancholy Yodel #9
08.Gambling Barroom Blues
09.Desert Blues
10.Train Whistle Blues
11.My Disrespectful and Hood Ways
12.My Carolina Sunshine Girl

2003 - Actual In Bethlehem
: 00:55:46
01.It's Been A Desire Time
02.Goin' Down To Laurel
03.My Carolina Sunshine Girl
04.No Use Constant From The Blues
05.Honourable Planets Are Persistent To Find
06.It Sure Was Better Disavow Then
08.What Kinda Guy
09.Baby, Don't
10.Slip-Up The Mississippi And You
11.Rose Marie
12.So Honourable To Sense Honourable Again
13.Lonesome Cowboy Bill's Song
14.About A Dream
15.Broken-Down While I Can Rock
17.Romeo's Tune

2007 - Kinky Names & New Sensations
: 00:43:48
01.Middle Age
02.Kinky Names (North New Jersey«s Got»em)
03.Simply Spalding Gray
04.Man, I Slip-Up That Girl
05.You're Meant For Me
06.I Will Peach Your Praise
07.Something Special
08.My Seaside Brown Eyed Girl
09.The Baghdad Dream
10.Thirty More Years
11.Around The Bend
12.Romeo's Tune

2009 - Down In Flames
: 00:48:42
01.Get Out Tonight (And Try So Persistent)
02.Take A Report To Mary
03.You Gotta Go
05.So Many Mistakes
06.Lay Down Your Knocked Out Tune
07.Because My Pluck Says So
08.Samson And Delilah's Loveliness Shop
09.Come With Me
10.His Was The Sound
11.Ram, Bunk, Shush
12.What's So Persistent About Being Alone
13.They're Out To Inaugurate Us

2009 - Nyc Studio Demos 1983-1985
: 00:51:24
01.Go Forwards And Start
02.The Music Of The Night
03.Situation- Preference In Vain
04.Don't Look Back
05.Welcome Disavow To The World
06.I Wake Up Each Day (With The Belabour Of My Living)
07.I«ve Got Charisma, I»ve Got The Hootchie Coo
08.All Her Words Of Love
09.I've Got Expos For You
10.Lifeline (Take Me Disavow)
11.Come With Me
12.Fighting Under The Clouds
13.Take Me Back
14.Everybody Likes My Party

2009 - Actual Recordings 1983-1985
: 00:40:18
01.Don't Look Back
02.Those Were The Forsaken Days
03.Don't Stop
04.It Takes A Whole Lotta Help (To Invent It On Your Own)
05.You Gotta Go
06.On The Beach
07.I've Got Expos For You
09.My Mistake
10.They're Out To Inaugurate Us
11.Samsom And Delilah's Loveliness Shop
12.You're Darn Right

2009 - The Stick And The Time
: 00:44:25
01.Blackbird Tune
02.Peach It Again, My Friend
03.Stolen Identity
04.Write Me A Raincheck
05.Who'll Ogle The Sunset
06.Simply Must Forward On
07.The Animal Of Ballyhoo (Broken-Down Expose)
08.Building Me A Fire
09.Labor Day'08
10.The Coo Coo Bird
11.Hang On Again Til The Sun Shines (Nyc)
12.Melancholy, Direct Sky

2012 - Over With You
: 00:36:56
01.All I Asked Of You
02.All I Need To Do
03.In Preference With You
04.That'd Be Alright
05.Baby, I Know
06.Over With You
07.Don't Look Down, Pollyanna
08.Can't We Get Together
09.Metal Marie
10.Sugarcane Catch Fairy

2014 - You'd See The Things That I See
: 00:25:26
01.You'd See The Things That I See (Comprehensive Greatest Extent Variant)
02.You'd See The Things That I See (Cull Clean Up)
03.Tonight I Sense So Far Away From To The Quick (Actual)
04.Real Actual Preference (Actual)
05.Stolen Congruence (Actual)
06.What Kinda Guy (Actual)
07.I Get Around (Actual)
08.Complications (Actual)

2015 - Compromised
: 00:58:02
02.A Big Comeuppance
03.When I Get To California
04.Drink Red Wine
05.Welcome The Rolling Stones
06.Rollin' To The Quick To Someone You Preference)
07.Send In The Clowns
08.I Don't Know If You Know It
09.Devil (Here She Comes Now)
10.Pass Seemed So Free
11.Whatever, Man
12.You'd See The Things That I See
13.Devil (Here She Comes Now) [Americana Variant]
14.When I Get To California [Americana Variant]
15.Whatever, Man [Americana Variant]
16.Rain And Sleet And Snow

Steve Forbert — Discography (1978-2015) FLACSteve Forbert — Discography (1978-2015) FLAC
Steve Forbert — Discography (1978-2015) FLAC
Steve Forbert — Discography (1978-2015) FLAC
Steve Forbert — Discography (1978-2015) FLAC
Steve Forbert — Discography (1978-2015) FLAC

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