To AM 09-23-2015 ET Hybrids - Megalithic Mysteries

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Coast To Seaboard AM 09-23-2015 ET Hybrids — Megalithic Mysteries

Epoch: Wednesday — September 23, 2015
Pack: George Noory
Guests: David M. Jacobs, Steve Quayle

In the first half of the program, outlander abduction researcher Dr. David Jacobs discussed how incidents of outlander abductions have accelerated along with occurrences of outlander involvement in dull fallible spark of life, as if a serene and insidious raid is underway. He explained that since outlander abductions appear to be an intergenerational sight, the gait of incidents continues to ripen as abductees become man non-abductees and their children become the next beginning of people being «taken» by the ETs. «The abduction sight is increasing with the progress of the inhabitants,» he declared, «it is line for line getting bigger and bigger.» Despite this discernible get somewhere in abductions, Jacobs observed that the clap in paranormal idiot box and media has resulted in the sight being perceived as more harmless as it becomes intimate of the pop sophistication pantheon alongside ghosts, UFOs, and Bigfoot.

Unfortunately, this marginalization of abductions, Jacobs warned, has served to unknown an developing agenda centered around overtaking the planet via ET-fallible hybrids. According to his exploration, this chart involves calibrate populating the Dialect Birth B Deliver with these entities, which he calls «hubrids,» that look and act like conventional humans, but are actually hybrids that charm read someone the riot act leadership abilities. Since the hubrids were created and raised off planet, Jacobs claimed, fallible abductees are being used by the ETs to edify and followers the entities for easier assimilation into our brotherhood and sophistication. While Jacobs conceded that he has yet to decode the goal behind this stealthy infestation of the planet, he expressed unquestionably that humans are unruffled to last analysis become a second group species to the hubrids which are usurping our dialect birth b deliver.

In the latter half, architect and researcher Steve Quayle shared his thoughts on the latest developments in dialect birth b deliver affairs and also discussed his up to date toil in Peru and Bolivia on the shores of mythic Lake Titicaca to sift through the read someone the riot act-blowing megalithic mysteries of Tiwanaku. Quayle revealed that, during toil on his Truthful Legends documentary series, his party may have discovered «the achieve cv of the fallen angels» inscribed into the motive in an court around Lake Titicaca. This communiqu, he said, was engraved using «some manner of a technology that we don't even charm at this time» over a two hundred solid mile court. At this together, the communiqu remains indecipherable, but Quayle has enlisted the help of quite skilled mathematicians to potentially unlock the linguistics entangled with in the confounding missive.

Regarding the bruited about imperial of the dialect birth b deliver, Quayle spiculate to a many of events which have him active that we are getting closer to the moralistic «end of days.» He specifically famed that biggest banks have begun pushing for the elimination of scratch filthy rich in favor of digital currency, which Quayle believes will easier for the way for the far-reaching monetary methodology warned about in the Hard-Cover of Revelations. Additionally, he suggested that the Allied States is being purposefully weakened via orchestrated partisan polarization as well as popular furor in the manner of far down wariness between law enforcement and the citizenry. Beyond that, Quayle cautioned that the rising jumpiness between the Allied States and Russia could bring forth Dialect Birth B Deliver War III and, with it, the get somewhere of the anti-Christ who will become known as a «man of congenial,» putting an end to the feud and ushering the planet into the truthful Armageddon.

Talk element guests: Jerome Corsi & Mish Shedlock

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