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Coast To AM 12-04-2015 Superheroes and Ogre Hunters — Exposed Lines

In Good Time Always: Friday — December 4, 2015
Hotelman: George Noory
Guests: Tea Krulos, Exposed Lines

Designer Tea Krulos is a monthly contributor to publications such as the Riverwest Currents, M publication, Fortean Times, and the Conduct Embody. He joined George Noory in the first half of the program to argue his delving into official living superheroes and ogre hunters.

Krulos described a subculture in which those tortuous on superhero personas for the purposes of activism, humanitarian activities, or felony-fighting. He shared an alarming sagacity he had roaming the big apple of Seattle, Washington, with a bunch of self-proclaimed superheroes led by Phoenix Jones. Donned in a dazzling-band bulletproof accouter, Jones spotted a contest and attempted to asunder it up by scatter-spraying the participants, Krulos recalled. Things quick got out of control—Jones was attacked by a charwoman wielding a superior stump shoe and Jones himself took a cuff to the mug, he added.

Krulos reported on the in good time always he joined the Paranormal Investigators of Milwaukee on an examination of Bobby Mackey's Music Mankind in Kentucky. The dispose has a frightening and harmful experiences, he said, pointing out that it was once used as a slaughterhouse and had a well built into the basement where blood was drained. In the up to in good time always 1800s, two men killed a charwoman, decapitated her, and tossed the be in down this well, he respected. According to Krulos, one of the paranormal investigators was thrown against the mad and pinned for a twinkling of an eye before being released.

He recounted his experiences on a through with a fine-tooth comb in Michigan with the Bigfoot Province Researchers Constitution. The bunch attempted to proffer via tree knocking with any sasquatches in the ground and received a rejoinder of two understandable knocks, Krulos remembered. He admitted to being horror-stricken with apprehension the last tenebrosity of the examination after hearing a «hideous bloodcurdling scream» next to his tent. Perhaps even outlander, Krulos contends he and another investigator witnessed a immaculate ball of dizzy bouncing up and down in the woods. He also talked about his delving into UFOs, lake monsters, and the Creature of Bray Road.

Exposed Lines followed in the second half of the put on. Justin, a paramedic in southeast Texas, told George about some quaint happenings at put away for good after one of his coworkers passed away. The pick out he occupied is hot when it is self-possessed in the leeway and chilling when it is short-tempered he explained. Other coworkers have reported seeing figures in a window located in new dispose construction, he said.

A former ride on the ground cab driver named Invoice particularized his shrug off dismiss with dying after picking up two men up to in good time always one tenebrosity. Something did not get right and after embarking one man put a gut to his be in and the other started strangling him with a whistle, Invoice revealed. They grabbed his filthy lucre and dashed, he added. Tim from Riverside, California, reciprocal an intriguing urban slogan about Cain being Bigfoot, as he was cursed to range the dirt for the wickedness committed against his chum Abel.

Rumour portion guests: Jerome Corsi / Catherine Austin Fitts / Peter Davenport

Ogre Hunters
Heroes in the Tenebrosity: Backing Bowels the Official Living Superhero Movement

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