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upin 3rd — Music Out n 2 [Tntvillage.Scambioetico]


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by pippooo, sono il satana del macellodevasto

Lupin 3rd — Music Call It A Day 2 TNTVillage

Lupin Trois

1-Study From Lupin III '78 (2002 idea)

2-Le Soleil D'or




6-Bersaglio Rosso

7-Le Soleil D'or (advantageous)

LUPIN III Esteem You's Outburst:

1-Lupin III's Theme

2-Lupin III Study Melody 2

3-Afro «Lupin '68»

4-Lupin III Study Melody 3

5-Lupin III's Theme

6-Leaning Squall

7-Lupin III Leaning Theme

8-Ishikawa Goemon's Spitting Image Study (Darkness)

9-Zenigata's Theme

10-Lupin III's Theme

11-Lupin III Study Melody 2

12-Honoo no takara mo no

13-Lupin III's Study Pass Assimilate Medley

14-Lupin III«s Study »78 (orginal signal articulate outset)

The Story of Evening Gemini

01-Dorune's Elbow-Room

02-Study from Lupin III

03-Disparagement by Chain

04-Magnificent Bird Lara

05-Standoffish Down On

06-Lupin & Fujiko

07-Old Dignitary Blutokarie

08-Hitman Sadachiyo

09-Old Woman's Impression


11-Chief John's Headquarters

12-Higher- Ranking Son's Gal

13-Deliver Lara!

14-Geld under Valorous Law

15-Archbishop's Reflect On


17-Far Down On

18-No Rear End in the Quicksand for Two People

19-Evening Gemini's Clandestine

20-Closing My Eyes Could Help You Say

21-John's Dedicated Semblance

22-Confrontation between Goemon and Sadachiyo

23-Geld's Jewel Nature

24-Moon and Sun of Meguri

25-Curmudgeonly One Hundred Years

Yuji Ohno Triple plays «the Standards»

1-C Jam Blues

2-Autumn Leaves

3-Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

4-Softly... As in a Morning Sunrise

5-When You Wish Upon a Prima Donna

6-Study from Lupin the Third

Jazz-the 2nd

01-Lupin the Third

02-Bourbon Byway Someone's Cup Of Tea Lullaby

03-Take Me

04-Intense Tenebrosity Bid

05-Treasures of Every So Often Old-Fashioned

06-He's Gone

07-Stolen Moments

08-Adios Santiago (But I'll Never Taking You.)

09-Cat Prowl

10-Heartbreak Tour

Lupin The 3rd '71 ME

01-rupan sansei study melody i bgm — 1

02-rupan sansei study melody i bgm — 2

03-sub title

04-lupin walkin' t.v. original

05-intense suspense

06-afro lupin '68 variation

07-rupan sansei study melody ii bgm — 1

08-lupin the go — 1

09-afro lupin '68 instrumental

10-rupan sansei study melody i bgm — 3

11-scat study t.v. original

12-throb suspense

13-lupin the go — 2

14-menacing highway

15-yeah! lupin

16-lupin a go go

17-afro lupin '68 t.v. original

18-lightning time

19-rupan sansei study melody i

20-afro lupin '68 go — 1

21-violencer's night

22-rupan sansei study melody ii bgm — 2

23-snappish scat — 1

24-snappish scat — 2

25-rupan sansei study melody ii bgm — 3

26-rupan sansei study melody 3

27-rupan sansei i bgm — 5

28-afro lupin '68 bgm — 1

29-afro lupin '68 bgm — 2

30-afro lupin '68 go — 2

31-lupin the dexy

32-cold defeat

33-inky eyes

34-rupan sansei study melody ii bgm — 4

35-rupan sansei study melody ii bgm — 5

36-moping afternoon

37-cool-headed lounge

38-cordon 2400

39-midnight chaser

40-gallop samba t.v. original

41-zenigata fanfare

42-rupan sansei study melody 3 bgm — 1

43-gallop samba midium

44-rupan sansei study melody i bgm — 6

45-lupin the go — 3

46-rupan sansei study melody 3 bgm — 2


48-gallop samba comical

49-courteous guy lupin t.v. original

50-rupan sansei study melody ii

Lupin 3rd — Music Call It A Day 2 TNTVillage

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