Seaside To Seaside AM 01-04-2016 Get Up of Robots - Cryptid Wisdom

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Coast To Littoral AM 01-04-2016 Ascent of Robots — Cryptid Lore

Phase: Monday — January 4, 2016
Multitude: George Noory
Guests: Martin Ford, Ken Gerhard

In the first half, Martin Ford, who founded a Silicon Valley-based software maturing undeviating, discussed how technology, AI, and robotics are exciting toward making many «good jobs» out of fashion. While mortal-like cyborgs interacting with friendship are still perhaps years away, we«re going to increasingly see accustomed tasks performed by automation and software, and this will put a lot of people out of employment, he illustrious. Though mechanically manufacturing jobs have been automated for a covet interval in the US, most employment that requires sleight of hand, visual impression, and cerebral abilities has continued to be performed by humans. Yet, that is starting to mutate, he said. «The union of jobs that»s really retiring for people is getting smaller and the machines are getting efficient of doing more and more, and that is something I would really envisage to accelerate over the next decade or two.»

This technological advance will keep exciting faster and faster, «and as a effect, it«s likely to befall before we are ready...and at a very surprising proportion rank,» he cautioned. As we proffer this new age, the dare we»ll clock is scholarship to tailor our set-up to this increased plain of robotics and automation, and making sure everyone benefits from it, Ford remarked. As far as fears associated with AI becoming smarter than humans, that is still decades away, he added.

In the latter half, cryptozoologist Ken Gerhard (pictured above) talked about sightings of various cryptids such as Bigfoot, Mothman, and the Loch Ness Fiend, as well as his investigations into anomalous events and creatures in the have of Alaska, which he's explored in his Account Pass TV series, Missing in Alaska. Like the Bermuda Triangle, Alaska has a geographical triangle where unusual disappearances have occurred. This compass has seen a billion of cases of missing aircraft, such as a military level carrying 44 people that stock vanished in 1950, and no soup was ever bring about despite an concentrated search, he reported. One theory suggests there could be vortexes or portals in the triangle that have geomagnetic anomalies which are associated to the disappearances.

In Alaska, Bigfoot or the Lanose Man has typically been described as correspond to to the Sasquatch of the Pacific Northwest-- normal 7-8 ft. outrageous, stock covered in braids, very cooky-shouldered, and having no neck, Gerhard cited. Yet, there have also been Alaskan reports of a organism that stands 12-15 ft. outrageous. A famous organism called the Kushtaka by the local people of Southeastern Alaska, bears the characteristics of both man and otter, is said to be able to shapeshift, and seeks to catch humans out into the wilderness, he itemized. Gerhard also touched on such subjects as Thunderbirds, Dogman, Contemplate HAARP, Flying Humanoids, and chupacabras.

Gossip guests: Mish Shedlock, Christian Wilde, Steve Kates

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