Seaboard to Seaboard AM - Jun 05 2012 - Biocentrism & Derive Room Examination

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Seaboard to Seaboard AM — Jun 05 2012 - Biocentrism & Derive Room Examination
Compere: George Noory
Guests: Robert Lanza, Howard S. Friedman
Hour 1 - Professor of Exceptional Howard Friedman discussed the Longevity Chew Over, begun traitorously in 1921, which has tracked various individuals throughout their lifetimes.

Participants who've the had the longest and most fulfilled lives did not on with elation, but rather achieved it as a by-by-product of chattels constitution and important involvements & accomplishments, he explained. Some in the chew over, while vivacious and deft, were spur-of-the-moment, and tended to smoke and hit the bottle more, have more divorces, and less job outcome-- these were the people who typically died at an earlier age, he reported. Often the people with the foul clouds over their heads, seemed to up on their own problems, he added.

Hours 2, 3 & 4 - Turncoat savant & scientist Robert Lanza discussed the world of the Cosmos, and his theory of «biocentrism,» as well as the latest developments in room therapy.

Dr. Lanza, who is currently the Chief Thorough Fuzz of Advanced Room Technology, said they've developed multiple methods of «cellular reprogramming,» and a kidney of room (akin to nanoparticles), that can be injected into the bloodstream and will tourism to where mar restore is needed such as in the nerve. A new kidney of wonderful-forceful room demonstrated outcome in stopping multiple sclerosis in carnal tests, he reported, which gives rely on that this kidney of treatment will toil on many autoimmune diseases.

Through a genius called «tissue engineering,» cells can be reconstituted into more complex structures or even organs, Lanza announced. Further, no embryos were destroyed in making their going round thread of cells, which removes the debate around such treatments, he esteemed. Additionally, «we actually have the potential now to design whole tubes of red blood cells from scuff in the laboratory...that can oxygen like orthodox blood,» he continued.

His theory of «biocentrism» revolves around the inkling that all the constants of the cosmos, including context itself, depend upon the viewer. This theory also explains why all the laws and forces of the cosmos are healthful tuned to the continuation of subsistence-- without alert observers, the cosmos would not even have properties or events, he argued. One of the concepts that biocentrism suggests is that a person«s vigour doesn»t go away after they die, and that «life has a non-linear dimensionality that transcends any personal narration or cosmos,» he commented.

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