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MACY GRAY — BIG, album released UK April 2007.

Encoded 192Kbps [Ineffective] mp3. Covers included.

Macy Gray [born Natalie Renee McIntyre on September 6th 1967 in Canton, Ohio] is an American RnB, vivacity, and neo vivacity songster, songwriter, phonograph record maker, and actress, famed for her raspy utter and a singing line heavily influenced by Billie Fete and Betty Davis.
«Big» is the fourth studio album by American RnB-vivacity songster Macy Gray. It is her first new album in four years. It was released in the UK on April 2nd 2007. Though he«s not the first loaded-life maker in Macy Gray»s profession, Will.I.Am is the first to represent a big leftovers, but probably not the one listeners would hope for. Gray, whose wonderfully woozy utter was always searching for the right songs and the right frame of reference, has usually sounded like a certain section of «70s vivacity, the earthier discerning vivacity of primordial Ann Peebles. »Big«, however, is the slickest album of Gray»s profession, with a forming cleverness that sounds like a different [and hostile] section of «70s vivacity, motionless roar, with its virginal in good condition, resort to synthesizers, fretless bass, and performances programmed to sublimity. These are not the ancestral makings of a straight Macy Gray phonograph record, but »Big' is terrifying and, overall, truly appealing.
«Finally Made Me Happy», a duet with Natalie Cole, was the first pick to be released from the album.

01 Inexorably Made Me Favourable [Achievement. Natalie Cole]
02 Shoo Be Doo
03 What I Gotta Do
04 Okay
05 Joyful You're Here [Achievement. Fergie]
06 You're Here [Ghetto Partiality]
07 One For Me
08 Singular Behavior
09 Slowly
10 Get Out
11 Me Like Your Kale [Achievement. Will.I.Am]
12 Everybody
Extra Tracks:
14 Breakdown
THE VIDEO [mpeg SkidVid]
Ripped from disc, edited, no logos and encoded 352 x 288 MPEG — 1
Macy Gray — Inexorably Made Me Favourable [Achievement. Natalie Cole]
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