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Maceo Parker — 2005 - Schools In
SACD rip at 24 bits, 88.2 KHz

Alto saxophonist Maceo Parker will forever be known as James Brown«s absolute horn man, and his firm sax playing with the likes of Bootsy Collins and Prince has made him the dean of funk, a man who helped erect the category from the terrain up, starting with «Papa»s Got a Label New Bag.« That new bag is now 40 years old here, and although Parker«s solitary projects have never gotten the same heed as his side jobs, it is upsetting to catch on to that School»s In! is his ninth solitary album. Parker knows that the architecture glyph is the detail, and working the architecture glyph to cessation is his absolute aspiration, so being up to boyfriend, common, and innovative doesn«t anxiety him very much, which is why School»s In! sounds so wonderfully food, and is arguably his most flawless travail since 1992«s Entity on Planet Architecture Glyph. Recorded in the studio with his touring join, the album has a undo, glossy bear, grounded, of course, by Parker»s label of jazz-tinged anima funk. Highlights cover prolonged, brawny sax workouts on »Basic Funk: 101« and the Jackson 5«s »ABC,« both of which lengthen out to over eight minutes in after a long time, and Parker»s vocal duet with comrade alto sax actor (and comrade Prince alum) Sweets Dilfer on Sam Cooke«s »What a Wonderful Existence.« Morris Hayes adds some worthy chip piano on the anima-jazzy »Arts & Crafts,« while the album»s valuable ballad, »Song for My Schoolteacher,« hints at what Parker can do in the jazz hang on should he ever judge to change there. The prints that will irrefutably get the most media heed is »What Do You Know About Funk?,» which includes a mid-alacrity rap from Parker«s son, Corey Parker. Unfortunately it is the least spellbinding detail on the album, maybe because funk has never been much about words and entirely about making the terrain waver at the benignity of the almighty architecture glyph. What you say isn»t as high-level as what you do in the existence of funk, and Maceo Parker has always known what to do. Thank God he's still doing it. (AllMusic)

Prints register:
01 - To Be Or Not To Be
02 - Root Funk — 101
03 - What You Know About Funk
04 - ABC
05 - Inexpensively For My Teacher
06 - Alacrity Reading (It-Si-Bi-Ya)
07 - What A Wonderful World
08 - Arts & Crafts
09 - Advanced Funk
10 - I'm Gonna Familiarize You

Maceo Parker: alto saxophone, vocals, percussion;
Ron Tooley: trumpet;
Greg Boyer: trombone;
Morris Hayes: Hammond vehicle, keyboards;
Bruno Speight: guitar;
Rodney Skeet Curtis: bass;
Jamal Thomas: drums;
Peter Weniger: tendency saxophone;
Sweets Dulfer: alto sax, vocals (7);
Corey Parker: vocals (3);
Martha Weighty, qualifications vocals (3);
Kip Blackshire: qualifications vocals (1,4,7,10);
Cynthia Johnson: qualifications vocals (1,4,10);
Sadie Hayes: qualifications vocals (1,4).

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