Dan The Banjo Man - Dan The Banjo Man (1974) [Contributory]

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Dan The Banjo Man — Dan The Banjo Man (1974) [Valuable]
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Biography by Richie Unterberger
Dan the Banjo Man was actually Phil Cordell, who played everything but some upbeat guitar on the 1974 Dan the Banjo Man album. Cordell had some time ago released records as Springwater, who had a count five hit in the U.K. in 1971 with «I Will Go Back.» He recorded the Dan the Banjo Man album in a minor basement in Ninfield, Sussex, England, and while the time didn«t actually put into the limelight a banjo, he did use an mechanical wah-wah pedal that he brainwork made a guitar undisturbed like a banjo. The title-deed footprints became a hit valuable in Germany after being used in an orange pith commercial, sparking necessitate for an almost thoroughly valuable album mixing originals with covers of oldies like «Bring It on Tranquil,» «I Got You Babe» (the title-deed changed to «I Got You Dan»), and «The Locomotion.» Like «Dan the Banjo Man,» these featured layers of guitars with enough atypical textures and effects to design a pity equivalent to that produced by synthesizers. The 2005 CD reissue of the album added eight gratuity tracks, the adulthood of them written and recorded by Cordell and his son Charlie Cordell eat one»s heart out after the mid-'70s, including a 2005 remake of «Dan the Banjo Man.»

Re-Examination by Jo-Ann Greene
Confusingly, there«s no banjo on the Dan the Banjo Man album, and, even outlander, nobody named «Dan» plays on the set. In actuality, Dan the Banjo Man was a Phil Cordell alone commitment, from the multi-instrumentalist who had sprung into the U.K.»s Top Five under the alias Springwater with his «I Will Return» pick in 1971. However, Cordell undisputed that his new wah-wah guitar sounded like a banjo, and thus the Banjo Man was born. The self-recorded and self-produced set was a unwavering bedroom commitment, recorded on four-footprints in the basement of Cordell«s Sussex tranquil. With its green Moog-y undisturbed, an ambiance enhanced by the deliriously metallic wah-wah guitar, but in two shakes of a lamb»s tail through with both acoustic and energized guitar, Dan boasts all the symphonic glories of the unpunctual «60s/early »70s, but with a pop/rock clip that puts it in a department all its own. The set is engulf-arcane, jubilantly so, with an extraordinarily eclectic quotation of songs done over in Dan«s sui generis mode. The popcorn-popping side of «Oh Susanna,» with its spectacular earth-slip guitar destroy b decompose, is faultless to pogo to, while his «rock »til you drop« side of another put together of Americana, »Jimmy Cleft Corn« (retitled »Black Magic«) is jaw-dropping. »The Locomotion« is delivered up Rolling Stones« mode, but with that wah-wah guitar percolating giddily throughout, Sonny & Cher»s signature hit, retitled »I Got You Dan« soars »Freebird«-like towards the heavens, Sam Cooke«s »Bring It on Home« is transformed from R&B master-work to a C&W-flavored definitive, while the bracing title-deed footprints turns Harry Nilsson»s »Games People Play« into a banjo-esque slapping knees up. The Banjo Man juggles styles and moods like an acrobat, refashioning pet oldies with such creativity and alteration that one can«t help but bandstand go in surprise, while the originals are just as maw-watering. This reissue appends eight more fresh recordings to the archetypal set, and while none can lam out of here the bracing quick-wittedness of ascertaining of their predecessors, neither are any out of estate here, and several, unusually »The Old Chap« and »Django» are their equals. A welcome go back for a spectacular album that doesn»t undisturbed dated in the least, growing only more splendid with age.

01. Dan the Banjo Man
02. Fetch It on Home
03. Collection
04. I Got You Dan (I Got You Babe)
05. Flying Trapeze
06. Jet-Black Magic
07. Will You Partiality Me Tomorrow
08. Londonderry
09. The Locomotion
10. If You Are Gonna Destroy B Decompose Another Heart
11. Oh Susannah

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