Standup Comedy - An Evening With Groucho

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An Evening with Groucho — 1972

Evaluate by Bruce Eder

In the antiquated 1970s, Groucho Marx took his one-man corroborate -- which, essentially, he«d been doing, in one cultivate or another, for more than a decade, either on You Bet Your Person or whatever other venue he happened to be working in -- on the technique. The culmination was this recording (sometimes referred to as An Evening with Groucho Marx) from his upstage at Carnegie Passageway in New York, in face of an adoring audience, introduced by Dick Cavett, and accompanied by Marvin Hamlisch at the piano, with his in spain Erin Fleming providing the female vocals where necessary. With the Marx Brothers» movies, it was lenient to overlook that they had some of the best writers in the establishment providing them with lines, but as the research was on average built upon their organize personalities, their talkie m was envoy of the Marxes as artists -- by the all at once Groucho did this conduct, at age 81, he had musical much become his community front, so this is an unambiguous image of Groucho Marx unchained, as it were. His forum creaks a little bit, and one sometimes wishes that he could have made this calling agitate five years or so earlier (if not sooner), but what is here is sparkling in its cleverness and wit, and also as a report of an era of person that was fading away in our halfway point, and a ritual in amusement, sometimes unrefined but always adept and very ethnic (and Jewish) that was already unsung to most of the people dole in the audience. The dossier became a best-seller as a insincere LP and later became a approvingly prized CD before going out of publish sometime in the 1990s. From his pronunciations to his details of continuously person embodied in his stories, and the fragments of vaudeville amusement quoted and sprinkled throughout his stories, the recording is hilarious. Despite his age, Groucho«s vivacity picks up as the conduct rolls along, so that by the of the disc, it»s lenient to overlook most of the all at once that it«s an octogenarian that we»re listening to, charming, adept, waggish, and acerbic all at once.;sql=10:0zftxqehldaeGroucho Marx — 01 - Overture- M From Marx Bros. Films (Marvin Hamlisch Piano)
Groucho Marx — 02 - Introduction (Dick Cavett intro)
Groucho Marx — 03 - Hello, I Must Be Going (w Erin Fleming)
Groucho Marx — 04 - Violin Unaccompanied, Jack Benny Tribute
Groucho Marx — 05 - My Blood, How We Got Our Names
Groucho Marx — 06 - Grotesque RelativesUncle Julius
Groucho Marx — 07 - Chico At Klauber Horn Co.

Groucho Marx — 08 - Uncle Herman, Chiropodist
Groucho Marx — 09 - Timbuctoo (Marvin Hamlisch Piano)
Groucho Marx — 10 - Annie Berger
Groucho Marx — 11 - Society War One, Vaudeville In Toronto
Groucho Marx — 12 - Oh, How That Missus Could Cook (Marvin Hamlisch Piano)
Groucho Marx — 13 - Toronto Commotion (Irving Berlin Denies He Wrote It)
Groucho Marx — 14 - London Stories Dispose Of Director Story
Groucho Marx — 15 - Churchill & 2nd Society War
Groucho Marx — 16 - Strong Chicago Critic Story
Groucho Marx — 17 - Castle Setting Sarah Bernhardt
Groucho Marx — 18 - Fanny BriceSwain's Rats & Cats
Groucho Marx — 19 - Rime From The Affect Cooperate Zoological Crackers
Groucho Marx — 20 - T.S. Eliot Memento Laurence Olivier's Lap
Groucho Marx — 21 — 2nd Society War Contract Tour
Groucho Marx — 22 - Houdini Story
Groucho Marx — 23 - Music In Cocoanuts- AlwaysGeorge Kaufman & Morrie Ryskind Story
Groucho Marx — 24 - Halt Down Here Where You Be A Part Of (Marvin Hamlisch Piano)
Groucho Marx — 25 - Otto Kahn Story
Groucho Marx — 26 - W.C. Fields BB GunProhibitionBaby Leroy
Groucho Marx — 27 - Heavens Above
Groucho Marx — 28 - Everybody Works But FatherFathers Day (Marvin Hamlisch Piano)
Groucho Marx — 29 - Margaret Dumont, The Dowager In Our Films (Marvin Hamlisch Piano)
Groucho Marx — 30 - Thalberg Fable- Garbo
Groucho Marx — 31 - Sampson & Delilah Story
Groucho Marx — 32 - Will Rogers, Baseball In Baltimore
Groucho Marx — 33 - Priest's Stories Plaza HotelMontreal
Groucho Marx — 34 - Rome
Groucho Marx — 35 - Corroborate Me A Rose (Marvin Hamlisch Piano)
Groucho Marx — 36 - Lydia The Tatooed Lady (Marvin Hamlisch Piano)

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