Sly and the People Stone - Greatest Hits [MP3 256] TNT Village

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Sly and the One's Own Flesh Stone — Greatest Hits [MP3 256] TNT Village

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Anno: 1970
Genere: Funky

Released in 1970 during the substitute between Grove! and There«s a Lawlessness Goin» On, Greatest Hits inadvertently arrived at in every way the right importance, summarizing Sly & the One«s Own Flesh Stone»s joyous hit-making run on the pop and R&B charts. Technically, only four songs here reached the Top Ten, with only two others hitting the Top 40, but judging this solely on charts is misleading, since this is entirely a plus ultra singles chrestomathy. This summarizes their first four albums quite (almost all of Grove! outside of the two jams and «Somebody«s Watching You» is here), adding the non-LP singles «Hot Fun in the Summertime,» «Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin),» and «Everybody Is a Lady,» maybe the loveliest attitude they ever recorded. But, this isn«t merely a pr (and, if it was just that, Anthology, the beginning-»80s comp that covers Lawlessness and Unorthodox would be stronger than this), it«s one of the greatest reception records of all everything. Music is infrequently as happy, spirited, and vibrant as this, and captured on one album, the breath, lucid, and songs of Sly & the One»s Own Flesh Stone are all the more staggering. Greatest hits don»t come better than this -- in truthfully, music infrequently does.

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1. I want to take you higher
2. Everybody is a star
3. Stand
4. Life
5. Fun
6. You can require it if you try
7. Gambol to the music
8. Day-To-Day people
9. Hot fun in the summertime
10. M'lady
11. Chirp a homely song
12. Thank you (falettinme be mice elf again)

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