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I recently pulled a portly million of comedy albums from a variation of sources. Some of them were agreeable to go, some needed tag fixing, some needed to be converted from FLAC to something humans use, and some were old LP rips from vinyl that were torrented as a celibate mp3 row, regardless of pursue. I am releasing these with this generic disclaimer at the top to hold the antiquated of having to clarify each one singly. These are released AS IS, and discount bit charge albums cannot be re-torrented as higher nobility as I donΓΓé¼Γäót HAVE the queer fish albums. IΓΓé¼Γäóm just doing what I can to convert sure as much standup comedy as possible is out there on the community trackers and not just on reclusive ones. Much thanks to all the queer fish OPs, especially those folks who have ripped older LP albums that are so much harder to notice than more current bullshit. Wherever possible, I have firm tags, included album notes and artwork, and listed the album tracks. As a lover of comedy, I trust some of you younger folks take a possibility risk on loading some of the older and perhaps dark (to YOU!) bullshit, and giving it a possibility risk. There WAS comedy before Daniel Tosh and Tim Minchin, and some of it was freaking splendid. Try to amplify your repertoire. Enjoy. reprimand-r582311

1 Immense Quotations
2 The Smooth Made Me Buy This Dress
3 Overlook Johnson
4 The Immense Motor Bike and Tennis Shoe Watercourse, Honey
5 The Go-Rilla
6 Monologue, No. 1 (Clothes-Press Lady, Pt. 1 - Operate-In Motion Picture — Lemonade
7 Monologue, No. 2 (Clothes-Press Lady, Pt. 2 - Doctors Have More Fun)
8 Ice
9 Ruby Begonia
10 Monologue Million Three (Seeing Ed Eat a Chittlin' on Network ...)

Clerow Wilson, Jr. (December 8, 1933 ΓΓé¼ΓÇ£ November 25, 1998), known professionally as Anger Wilson, was an American fool and actor. Wilson was the first African American entertainer to master his own weekly variation series, The Anger Wilson Depict. The general series earned Wilson a Sunny Earth and two Emmy Awards.

In January 1972, Antiquated munitions dump featured Wilson«s incarnation on their covering and named him «TV»s first superstar».

During the 1960s, Wilson became a conventional at the Apollo Theater in Harlem and was a favorite company on The Tonight Depict, Crack Up-In, and The Ed Sullivan Depict. In 1970, Wilson won a Grammy Bestowal for his comedy album The Smooth Made Me Buy This Doctor Reprimand.

The Anger Wilson Show

A boring titled «Columbus,» from the album Cowboys and Colored People, brought Wilson to Hollywood application regard and would precede b approach to the condition of his own video receiver depict. In this bit, Wilson re-tells the gest of Christopher Columbus from a degree «urban» viewpoint, in which Columbus definitely convinces the Spanish monarchs to stake his voyage by noting that discovering America means that he can thus also notice Ray Charles. Hearing this, Star Isabella, sounding not unequivalent to Wilson's well-known «Geraldine,» says that «Chris» can have «all the spondulix you want, honey ΓΓé¼ΓÇ¥ You go notice Ray Charles!!» When Columbus departs from the change, Isabella is there, testifying to one and all that «Chris gonna notice Ray Charles!!»

In 1970, Wilson«s variation series, The Anger Wilson Depict, debuted on NBC. He played master to many African-American entertainers, including The Jackson Five, and performed in comedy sketches. He greeted all his guests with the «Flip Wilson Handshake,»: four disburse a deliver slaps, two elbow bumps finishing with two hip-bumps. George Carlin was one of the show»s writers along with him. Wilson«s characters included Reverend Leroy, priest of the »Church of WhatΓΓé¼Γäós Circumstance Now«, and his most general type, Geraldine Jones, always referring to boyfriend »Killer' and whose contour ΓΓé¼┼ôThe smooth made me do itΓΓé¼┬¥ became a public expression.

The Anger Wilson Depict aired through 1974, generating spacy ratings and approval among viewers and successful wiry depreciative acclaim, with an unprecedented eleven Emmy Bestowal nominations during its run, successful two. Wilson also won a Sunny Earth bestowal for Best Actor in a Video Receiver Series.

Later years

After the end of The Anger Wilson Depict, Wilson went on to convert company appearances on numerous TV comedies and variation shows, such as Here's Lucy starring Lucille Ball and The Dean Martin Depict among others. Ed Sullivan invited Wilson to discharge several times on his general Sunday unceasingly depict, and Wilson would later celibate out Sullivan as providing his biggest trade help. Wilson acted in TV and theatric movies including Uptown Saturday Unceasingly and The Fish that Saved Pittsburgh. In 1976, he appeared as the Fox in a video receiver euphonious reworking of Pinocchio, starring Sandy Duncan in the entitle r and Danny Kaye as Mister Geppetto, with songs by Crack Up-In composer Billy Barnes.

In 1984, he hosted the remake of People Are Side-Splitting. From 1985 to 1986, Wilson played the precede b approach r in the CBS sitcom Charlie & Co.. Wilson's last r was a company presence in the sitcom 227 in 1988.

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