Leila K - Greatest Tracks - 2CD 2003

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Leila K is one of the most moneymaking scandinavian artists of the last decade with hit singles like Got To Get (1989), Willing Sesame (1993) and Thrilling (1996). She became a superstar across Europe also, quite soon, she became known for her self-courageous and party period, ever since she turned a distinction. There have been lots of rumours and publicity about her sequestered enthusiastic autobiography, some of these are just rumours and some of them are perhaps occur. That explains all that talking and jaw — a pull for this particular female and artist. She is described by friends as well as enemies as a nature of artist expert with a big and mellow heartlessness. In 1993, Leila K was the bestselling female artist in Europe and in 1997, she was appointed Foreign Artist of the Year, before of f. ex. Madonna in Finland.

Leila K Greatest Tracks, is an album primed with skilled songs and many gargantuan hits, made by some of the best producers and songwriters in the men at the opportunity. The suggestion behind this unambiguous amassment has been to fairness one of the most spectacular scandinavian female artists of our opportunity, beyond the big hits and well-known tracks. We have dug out a few tracks that have never been once released, so for the first opportunity on a Leila K album, you can satisfaction in Pragmatical Vivacity, Pressed and Blazing Up.
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Leila K — Greatest Tracks 1989-2001
(2CD Stockholm Bonnier Music 2003)

1. Carousel.
2. Thrilling.
3. Ca jet plane spurt moi.
4. Willing sesame.
5. Relax proposal.
6. Got to get. (with Rob «n» Raz)
7. Rok the country (with Rob «n» Raz).
8. Taboo boy.
9. C'mon now.
10. Homicide.
11. Hello Afrika. (Dr. Alban ft. Leila K)
12. Chip the dan.
13. Blacklisted.
14. Opportunity.
15. Theurgy ball.
16. I dearest to fall. (Backyard Babies ft. Leila K)
17. Silent your eyes.
18. Pragmatical energi. (once unreleased)
19. Pressed. (once unreleased)
20. Blazing up (once unreleased)
21. Thrilling (video)
22. Willing Sesame (video)
23. Relax Proposal (video)
24. Got To Get (video)
25. Cmon Now (video)
26. Silent Your Eyes (video)

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