Colvil and Soames (BBC Thespian - Seasons 1 and 2)

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Series One:
Name: Colvil And Soames — (1996) [BBC Crystal Set]

Here are series one of Christopher Lee«s talky, convoluted question series featuring the overweight, old-tutor spy Henry Colvil (Christopher Benjamin) and his unfledged partaker Mrs.Soames (Amanda Redman), assisted in both cases by Henry»s pal DCI Guscott (Dudley Sutton). I enjoyed the series, more for the travel than the destination.

128/44/js. durable importance excellent.

Colvil and Soames
by Christopher Lee

Series 1
6 x 30min
16 Oct.1996 to 20 Nov.1996

Colvil And Soames

19961016 [BBC7=20040823]
Henry and Alex scrutinize the destruction of a clergywoman and believe it wasn't the outcome of a straightforward burglary.

19961023 [BBC7=20040824]
The Rueful: The question deepens as Colvil and Soames scrutinize Mrs Wedlock.

19961030 [BBC7=20040825]
The Wages Of Sin: Alex attempts to recreate a confession with Fellow-Man William.

19961106 [BBC7=20040826]
Requiescant In Stride: Henry Colvil discovers a surreptitiously about his baby Inventor Byrne.

19961113 [BBC7=20040827]
A Stuff Of Understanding: Alex discovers that James Toomey may be married to Inventor Byrne's daughter. Mrs Wedlock may also be in danger.

19961120 [BBC7=20040830]
Disloyalty And Understanding: The conclusion of the thriller as Alex makes a discovery.

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Series Two:
Name: Colvil & Soames — Bad Apples — 80kbps
About this cascade::
Colvil & Soames — Bad Apples
by Christopher Lee

Six-factor BBC Crystal Set thriller starring Christopher Benjamin and Amanda Redman, with Dudley Sutton as the decidedly non-PC DCI Guscott

Sort : mpeg 1 layer III
Bitrate : 80
Look : mono
Frequency : 44000 Hz
Encoder : Unpersuasive 3.96

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